Black tea belongs to fully fermented tea. Its basic process is withering, rolling (cutting), fermentation, and drying. It is currently the world's largest tea consumption. According to the requirements of the characteristics of various types of black tea, Chinese black tea can be roughly divided into three categories: small-type black tea, Kungfu black tea, and black broken tea according to the initial method.

1. A brief history of black tea classification.
Chinese black tea originated from the small black tea in the Wuyishan area of Fujian Province, China, and is also the earliest black tea in world history. In the middle of the 18th century, the Kungfu black tea production method was developed on the basis of the small black tea production method. The Qing Dynasty Liu Jing's "A Moment of Free Time" contains "... the oldest among the rock teas is the old tree seed, the second is the small seed, the second is the small seed Kungfu, and the second is Kungfu". At that time, there were "small races" and "workers". Around 1875, the Kungfu black tea production method was passed to Anhui. Qimen County, which was originally rich in green tea, began to produce black tea, which is famous for its high flavor and strong flavor. In the 19th century, China's black tea manufacturing method was passed to India and Sri Lanka, and then it gradually developed into "red crushed tea" after the leaves were chopped and fermented and dried. At the end of the 1950s, in order to meet the needs of the international market, China also began trial production of broken black tea.

2. Small black tea.
Xiaozhong black tea is a black tea peculiar to Fujian Province, which is traditionally smoked with pine needles or pinewood. Produced in Tongmuguan, Xingcun Township, Chong'an County, Fujian (now Wuyishan City), is called "Zhengshan Race", and its neighboring area is called "Waishan Race". Xiaozhong black tea is the oldest black tea and the originator of black tea in the world. Other black teas have evolved from small tea. On behalf of tea: Lapsang.
Lapsang race: the ancestor of black tea.
Place of Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province.
The traditional Masanori black tea has a very strong scent of pine smoke and smells like longan soup. Its unique scent of pine has won the favor of consumers at home and abroad, and later Kungfu black tea was developed on the basis of Masaiyama.

3. Introduction to Kungfu Black Tea.
Kungfu black tea is China's traditional black tea. It is named for its fine workmanship and time. Kungfu black tea is widely produced and is mainly named after its origin. Among them, "Qi Hong" produced in Qimen area, Anhui Province, has a thin and tight profile, with a rose-like (sweet floral) flavor, and tastes sweet and mellow; "Phoenix Red" produced in Yunnan, has a fat appearance and a golden taste Concentrated alcohol. For example, Qi Hong has long been known overseas and enjoys a high reputation for Kungfu black tea, which is welcomed by consumers in Eastern and Western Europe. In addition, there are "Min black" in Fujian, "Yi Hong" in Hubei, and "Chuan black" in Sichuan, etc., which are the main categories of Chinese Kungfu black tea. Sometimes in order to meet the needs of some specific markets, several Kungfu black teas are blended into "Chinese Kungfu Black Tea" to gather the strengths of the families and make the shape of the tea leaves more perfect. Kungfu black tea is suitable for brewing clear drinks many times, and it should also be mixed. Representative teas: Qi Hong, Dian Hong, etc.
Dianhong Kungfu: The soup is red and bright, golden circle prominent.
Place of origin: Lincang, Shuangjiang, Fengqing and other places in Yunnan. It is founded in 1938.
Dianhong Kungfu, mainly produced in Lincang, Shuangjiang, Fengqing and other places in Yunnan, is the rising star of Chinese Kungfu black tea. It is famous for its plump and compact appearance, golden nuances and high-quality flavor.

4. Introduction to black crushed tea.
Black crushed tea is granular black tea. After the tea leaves are withered and twisted, they are cut into granular fragments by a machine, and then fermented and dried to make them. Due to their finely broken shape, they are called black crushed tea, also known as "black "Small tea" is the largest black tea variety produced in the world today. The taste requires strong and fresh (thick, strong, fresh). After the red crushed tea is brewed with boiling water, the tea juice leaches quickly and the amount of leaching is large, which is suitable for drinking with sugar and milk after one-time brewing. In order to facilitate drinking, the red crushed tea (usually 2 grams) capable of brewing a cup of tea soup is often packed in a special filter paper bag and processed into "bag brewing".

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