For the life of me, I cannot understand the logic behind why white people all over the world think that it is okay to paint their faces Black, and still have the audacity to say it is all in good fun. Blackface was originally used long ago to make fun of Black people and their features, complete with plantation talk and everything. But white people wait until Halloween to disguise their racism with blackface and they use Halloween to portray these offenses in public, something they probably do behind closed doors on a regular basis. I guess they figure that the world has come a long way now and all those old Black folk who would have been offended then are now dead or something...Nah. That's not how this works white people. You see, Black History, no matter how old or ancient, will always be inherently ingrained in each and every generation of Black People that will ever be born into this world. Every single atrocious and horrific act committed by your white ancestors will always be known by each and every Black Child born into this world. It will never go away, so says our Black Ancestors. So there will never be a time where you can ever think that you or your children can be so comfortable to paint your faces Black, and not reap the consequences of the actions which you have sewn. So I have a few questions for ya:

What if Black People dressed up as white kids on Halloween with painted white faces, holding fake guns, portraying white kids shooting in schools? Isn't this a very sensitive and embarrassing topic in the white community? What if Black People dressed up as Hitler or a klansmen? I do not think you would find any humor in any of these circumstances. So why would you as white people think that you could dress up in Blackface, bringing back a whole history of slavery, rape, murder and other monstrosities committed against an entire race and community of Black People? Where is the humor in any of that? You white people are always saying that Black people need to forget about slavery, you are always saying that racism doesn't exist anymore, you are always saying a whole lot of nothing; however, you make sure you keep racism alive by painting your faces Black. I guess this is your way of trying to feel superior within yourselves, and trying to ensure that Black people feel inferior. As I stated earlier, I do not understand your logic if there is any.

You show your insensitivity towards racial issues when you so blatantly insult a whole race of people by painting your faces Black. And when it is time to apologize, you cry about not knowing that it was offensive. Really? The damage has been done now. You have already marched happily around taking pictures with your faces painted Black. I guess your motto is: “Do It Know, Apologize Later,” because you keep doing it and you keep apologizing.

The truth about the matter is this: every single thing that goes on in this present world is manufactured to play on the emotions of others, mostly Black People. If the world can keep Black People in an emotional mental state of mind, always angry because of racism and oppression, the world believes this will keep Black People fearful, inferior and in a docile state. The more fearful and angry Black people are, the more unbalanced and stressful they will become. I guess this is the world's way of exerting their control, by controlling the emotions of the people. Halloween and blackface is no different. I think white people are indeed asked and probably paid to wear blackface just to see how many Black People will get angry, emotional and speak out. This is the world's way of conducting their many experiments, just to check to see how far evolved Black People's minds really are. Some of us Black People can see further than you will ever know in your entire lifetimes.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Monica Mi'Chelle, PhD is a Writer and Psychoanalyst.