Once considered a secondary science, eye care has become a prominent field of health care in the last few decades. The eye care industry has even branched out to include the area of cosmetics and fashion: Today, you can find contact lenses and spectacles glasses in an endless variety of styles and colors – even special effects, theatrical contacts. It is, however, the contacts themselves that have transformed the eye care industry and turned the spotlight to style and fashion.

The use of contact lenses started as a way to correct vision problems, but they have evolved to also become a lifestyle statement. There are different types of contacts and each is classified according to the purpose it serves. Depending on whether you have corrective, cosmetic or therapeutic need, you can choose from a range of lenses.

The most common type of contacts is soft contact lenses. They are easier to wear, gentler on the eyes and allow more oxygen to reach the eyes. However, soft contact lenses are also easily prone to damage and need attentive care. The second most common type of contact lenses in the market is rigid gas permeable, or RPG, contact lenses. These more durable than soft, but they are often less comfortable. But in the long run, RPG lenses can be more economical, as they last much longer.

Contact lenses can also be sought for pure vanity. These decorative contact lenses can transform the color and appearance of your eyes from deep blue to bright green in an instant. You can also choose themed contacts (great for Halloween) that change the appearance of the cornea that can make your eyes look like a cat, werewolf, vampire and more.

Choosing the ideal contacts for your eyes can be taxing, since there is a wide range of brands and products to choose from. Online lens stores can make choosing and buying your lenses easier. One of the most prominent online contacts retailers is VisionDirect.com. This store offers customers a large selection of lens brands and types, so you can choose according to your liking. Among the brands found here are Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, FreshLook, Boston and PureVision.

VisionDirect.com also offers lower prices compared to other online stores or retailers, an easy ordering system and 24/7 customer care support. Customers can also benefit from their online discounted rates and free shipping, plus they also make it easy to reorder and schedule eye exams. You can find out more about their range of contact lenses and other eye care services at their website: www.visiondirect.com.

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