Now, we are going to talk about several tips and tricks related to Boscov.


Boscov is a large company, the customers are offered with regular perks and discounts. However not many people now about this so in the further section of this article, we are going to let you know about some of the tips and tricks to help you make most out of your budget.

 Credit Cards- Are you aware of Boscov Credit Cards? Well, on the day when you activate the card, you would get 15% of on all purchases for that day. Along with that you will get 100 reward points too which could be claimed later. There are several other benefits such as special offers on birthday, etc.

 Boscov Gift Card- Gift cards are common across all major online Shopping stores. Boscov provides online as well as offline gift cards. These could be gifted to loved ones in place of traditional gifts and offerings. They offer the choice to card receiver to buy anything that they want. Boscov’s gift cards don’t come with an expiry date. You could either handover the gift card physically or through an electronic means. They range from a price range of $10 to $250. Several companies like Giant food store offer unrealistic offers when Gift cards are utilised for their products and services. For example- If you buy gas from them from $100 gift card, you would get 50 cents off on gas, and could save up to $12.50 overall.

 Weekly Ads- The stores roll out weekly ads which are helpful in getting a heavy discount on selected products. On the homepage of Boscov’s website, a blue link is present on the top corner. Enter your store location and check out the weekly ad provided there. Make sure that you browse for your LOCAL STORE ONLY, reason being each store has its own policies in this regard.

 Boscov’s WebBusters- Many shoppers don’t know about this, however there are hundreds and thousands of products at incredibly low prices which are known as WebBusters. The products have been sold for up to 80% off on their original prices. They all belong to top brands so the question of reliability doesn’t arise.

 Boscov Gift Registry- Another tip/ trick is to get desired items through gift registry service. This registry could be done for wedding, birthday and so on. As soon as you are done with the registration, you would get 15% off coupon codes. Other benefits include free gift wrapping, gifts from top brands, among other things.

 Summer Handbag Sale- Boscov organised a Handbag sale at a specific time every year. The listed bags are of superior quality and are suitable for people having different taste and preferences. In the past, customers have got up to 75% of on numerous handbags and could expect more in the oncoming sale. Customers have reported instances when they got a $40 handbag for $9.99. Many times promo codes and reduced shipping charges have been offered if purchases are of over $100.

 Email Promos- Boscov regularly sends newsletter on sales and special offers. These emails provide promo codes and information about upcoming deals. The reason why many companies do the same is because they are trying to make the most out of the internet. This helps them in increasing the turnover and the customer base. So it is a win –win situation for both company and customer. Furthermore if you wish to get info about only specific products, then opt for them only and Boscov wouldn’t send irrelevant information and deals.

 Using Military ID- Some purchases are better if done offline than online. If you have a Military ID card which belongs to you or your spouse, then use it in an offline store and get up to 20% discount on purchases. It is a tribute by Boscov to those serving the nation.

 Boscov Reward Club- In the earlier section of this article, we mentioned abut Credit Card. If you sign up for it, then you are by default given a membership of Boscov Reward Club. After doing a specific amount of purchase, a gift card is given. For example, after getting 500 points through purchases, you are entitled to a gift card worth $5 and the maximum gift card is of $200 on getting 20,000 points.

 Registering and Following- Registering with Boscov’s online store opens up private sales that are only accessible by member of Boscov. Furthermore, following Boscov across social media accounts is an easy way of getting updated with the latest offers, deals and giveaways. They also conduct online competition and it is worthwhile to try your hands on them.

 Coupons- Always check for latest & working Boscovs coupon codes from coupon sites like RetailMeNot & GroupOn.

So these were some of the tips and tricks to get the most out of your shopping through Boscov store.

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