For the experimental occultist, so long as he or she is healthy in body and mind, there is nothing wrong with the possibility of using any form of modern technology to assist in generating the states of mind that are required to achieve something occult.Taking into account that occultism is about altered states of consciousness, it becomes essential that the operator learns what it feels like to be in certain states of mind.

Each brain wave frequency has its own emotion, which, rather like a good relationship, can be experienced, and known by the experience of it, but can't always be described in any way that will give full and complete knowledge of the experience. Thus, after a period of time, one will be able to know through the experience that one has reached an alpha state, a deep theta state and so on and so forth.

With this in depth, personal knowledge that comes from experience, and combined with standard religious or occult methods such as mantra, meditation, prayer, ritual or ceremony, one gets, at times, better control (health of body and mind at the time permitting) over ones own brain and body. On top of that one can also gain a better grasp as to what effect a particular experience has had upon one, if one knows the states of mind associated with different frequencies. The best technology that we have for this, is that of brain entrainment.

It is important to take the time to get to know a particular frequency. For instance, only do alpha entrainment to get to know what it feels like. After that period of time (maybe many months or weeks), try another. Feel that state of mind, get used to doing it, let the brain grow so that it becomes easier to get into that frequency on demand.

Initially it might even seem like hard work lying on your back with the mind machine goggles over your eyes and experiencing the frequency, but that is a natural side effect. The brain has to learn it, to learn to be manipulated by the machine and to learn the precise frequencies that you are exploring.

This takes time. It can take up to ninety days for the neurogenesis (growing new brain cells) and neuroplasticity (developing new connections between brain cells) effect to really kick in, so practice.

Every entrainment is different. Explore it. Are there some meditations you are better at under some frequencies of brain activity? Are there some that you are worse at? Learn to use that in your practices. Also research what science says. If science says for instance, that a gamma frequency is often reached before a person "takes off" and has an apparent out of body experience, then it would make sense that a good entrainment to create, to use or buy, would be one that starts off relaxing you and then moves you to a higher frequency, above 30 cycles per second, but still a harmonic of the lower meditation frequency that you were using to help you to relax.

Also, if the gamma frequency is associated with certain types of religious euphoria, then why not entrain gamma and learn to enter that state of mind by hypnotic suggestion when you are doing a ritual that is geared towards third eye meditations?

The possibilities are more or less limitless, but you have to know the brain and the body, and that requires intelligent self study. If you can't be objective to the quantity of things that you don't know then the occult never was right for you in the first place. Self honesty can save your sanity!

But what about the lower frequencies, the theta waves? These seem to be important for mind body interconnectivity rather then some kinds of "dizzy" astral work or spiritual ecstasy. It becomes essential to learn these base frequencies so that one can affect, to a minuscule, but sometimes noticeable degree, one's own circulation and possibly with sufficient in depth visualisation and breath control, something more profound.

In my youth I used this to make it less likely that I would throw up after a heavy drinking binge, and later in life I have found it essential to help both my digestion and at times, my circulation. They are also essential (or so it seems) for a pathworking exercise (visualised journey) and the shamanistic investigation of ones own or others body.

Brain entrainment technology, for those who don't have seizure complaints, appears to be the best form of self training technology for anyone who wants to learn to generate some strange experiences. Naturally from a rational perspective, we cannot say that there is any hard and fast objective reality to anything that we experience in "the spirit", but the very fact that we can have these strange experiences, angel experiences, astral projections, sharing dreams with people and more experiences more numerous and wondrous than I can possibly explain, shows me one thing, that the universe is even more miraculous than we humans have the capacity to understand.

Occultism is a way of experiencing lesser researched natural phenomena, be they just of the mind or not, first hand. I wish you all the best with your journey.

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