Breakfast like a king is an old adage and one that a nutritionist would recommend even today. Whether you have a breakfast cereal or a all time favourite muesli, it is indeed an important meal of the day. So choose carefully and eat well.

Start the day healthy, breakfast like a champion as they say. There was a reason why generations before us ate warm gruel in the mornings. All over the world everyone has their own breakfast varieties, whether it’s a bowl of noodles or fried bread. In the UK though it’s the classic bowl of cereal and should you have more time then perhaps a slice of toast. Cereal though tops everyone’s list as you can have this at work on your desk too .

So what is the best breakfast cereal, there are so many who swear by the all time favourite oats while many profess to love their mueslis and others who like their chosen brand’s special formulations. Its simple men love oats while women display an affinity towards muesli cereals.

If you happen to be on a low fat diet, then choose very carefully and many cereals out there are very deceiving. They may look super healthy on the box image but beware, sugar lies beneath. Healthy breakfast cereals should contain no sugar or very little sugar and perhaps can be sweetened by natural sweeteners like honey and dried figs and fruits. Figs are wonderfully sweet and bring out a natural sweet taste in a cereal. Another alternative is to pick a sugar free cereal and add in your own chopped fruits to make it sweeter for yourself and more enjoyable. You can also add in chopped prunes for better digestion or flax and sunflower seeds and even hemp seeds for your essential fatty acids. Your can get omega rich sunflower and pumpkin seed powders that go perfectly with a bowl of porridge. In warmer climates you can add more tropical fruits like Papaya, great for the digestion or pineapple. And choose a flavored yogurt if you prefer to avoid milk. Should you be looking for a dairy free breakfast then opt for rice milk or soya milk. There is also sweet Almond milk available in the non dairy section n these days.

So there are the gluten free cereals the nut free cereals, the dried fruits concoctions and even ones with chocolate. Grains can vary from whole grain to barley, from bran flakes to roasted oats. There’s so much to choose from yet are quite fussy as we know what we like. And when a cereal is perfect means, it offers the perfect crunch, a perfect balance of grains to other ingredients like raisin and should be easy to eat super tasty and of course low in sugar. And low in salt. So that’s a tall order and it wouldn’t hurt if it contained extra vitamins and nutrients as well as minerals like iron.

There are already many cereal brands that offer added vitamins and minerals to their product. Believe beauty breakfast cereal is revolutionary muesli with all the essential beauty vitamins added to boost healthier skin hair and nails. Many brands fortify their flakes with iron and add vitamin B. Believe beauty cereal contains 22 essential skin, hair and nail vitamins.

It’s you read the ingredients list and are aware of the exact sugar content in your breakfast cereal. Some muesli may appear but may contain a lot of sugar. So whether you choose a muesli cereal or a oats make sure you do have breakfast everyday and make it wholesome and healthy.

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For living a blissful life you need to keep you body fit and healthy. Believe best breakfast cereals that are rich in vitamins and low in calories help us in living a healthy life. You can choose from various kind of beauty food cereals like, Gluten Free Cereal, Muesli Cereals and many more that fits your diet.