A bedside table alternatively called as a side table is a small cabinet, designed to be kept beside the bed or any other place in the room. Bedside tables bring you comfort by offering you a space to keep useful things at your reach. Books, glasses, mobile phone and many other such things can fit on a bedside table. It stores all the things that you may need while you are in bed and do not want to get up. After bed, a bedside table holds a prominent place in the bedroom. However, it can also be placed in living rooms as a side table, or a small coffee table, etc.

You need to make several compromises when it comes to buying furniture for your home especially when you are having space constraints or limited budget. As far as a bedside table is concerned, it doesn't require any sacrifice. A bedside table is a small piece of furniture that can fit even into the tiniest corners and also fits into your budget. It does not require a lot of money to be spent on. Rather, it is a small investment to offer you the comfort of not getting up from your warm bed when you want to reach out your glasses while reading a book or anything else.

A bedside table is a place to put all your bedside essentials. A wide range of bedside tables is available online. They come in different varieties such as wooden bedside table, night table, side table, etc. Different in names, they all serve you the same purpose. Other than conventional forms, you can also opt for modern and creative ideas for a bedside table. Have a look at the points given below.

Alternate table: You do not really need to buy a bedside table for enjoying its comfort. You can use your old table which is lying ideal in your store room as a bedside table. Also, you can use an ottoman or small stool as an alternate to the bedside table. By doing this, you do not only save money, but also make use of unused furniture by adding them to your decor.
Hanging bedside table: For spaces that are very narrow and cannot accommodate a standing bedside table, you can opt for hanging ones, which makes the efficient utilisation of the vertical space, providing you with a modern and innovative look.
Customise your table: You can also get a customised bedside table for your room. Be it a grand master bedroom or a small room, instead of searching a perfect bedside table for hours, you can customise the table as per the available space. Other than size, you can also customise the material, shape and finish.
Wall mounted tables: If you can't find a table that is appropriate for your bed's height, and do not like the option of customising it, you can also buy the wall mounted bedside tables. They can be fixed on walls as per your requirements, offering you the same space and comfort as a regular bedside table would do.
Plant stands: Conventional bedside tables are too large to fit in narrow space. Here's a quick fix to it. You can also use a plant stand as a bedside table. It gives you appropriate height and also offers you the same functions as of a bedside table.

A bedside table is a perfect piece to optimise the space in your house. Extremely versatile in nature, a bedside table can be used as a stool, centre table, side table, small stool for children, and many other purposes. A wooden bedside table gives an ethnic touch to your home decor whereas; a sleek and sophisticated look can be obtained by a table with glass top. Space saving designs of the bedside table make the optimum utilisation of available area and also, it adds utility to narrow and unused spaces.

A thoughtfully designed bedside table can work wonders for your bedroom. It does not only complements your bed but also serve you multiple purposes. It can be used in different orientations to create a different look. Subtle but expressive bedside table can be a vibrant addition to your room. High on utility, bedside tables are worth buying.

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