Britain has always been a traditional and romantic country. The tea here is generally sold as black tea. Most British people like to drink black tea, so what is the origin of British tea culture?

The origin of British tea culture has been linked to the royal family since the beginning. In 1662, she married the Portuguese princess Catherine of King Charles II, known as the "tea queen" . In the era when the value of black tea was comparable to that of silver, the emperor's elegant tasting example led the nobles to follow suit. Until 1826, the British accidentally discovered wild tea trees in the mountains of northern India, and tea began to become cheaper than beer. Since then, tea has been popular in almost all Britain, from Dover in England to Aberdeen in Scotland.

The origins of British tea culture have influenced people's daily routine. The British start each day with tea and end each day with tea. The British are happy to repeat the regular pattern of tea coming and going. As soon as I opened my eyes early in the morning, I leaned on the bedside to enjoy a cup of "early morning tea".

"Breakfast tea" also known as eye-opening tea, selected from India, Ceylon, Yunnan and other black teas. It has a strong scent and is most suitable to enjoy after getting up in the morning. With bacon sausage and eggs, it is a strong tea recipe that can remove oil and greasy. In the morning, when I was busy, I had to pause for 20 minutes to sip tea break for "work break tea"; after work, it was the legal time to drink tea and dessert afternoon tea; at this time, Earl Grey tea with special aroma became the first choice. Earl Grey Tea is based on Chinese tea and mixed with bergamot. It smells aromatic and does not taste strong. After returning home, come again for a formal high tea with meat cold cuts. Before going to bed, "Farewell Tea" is indispensable.

The origin of British tea culture is the above. In addition, there are various tea-related activities in the UK, such as a variety of tea banquets, garden tea parties and picnic tea parties on weekend outings.

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