In a Montessori school, the teachers need to train kids in such a way that they develop the abilities which are necessary to complete common and uncommon tasks in their day to day lives. These abilities are developed naturally. However, teachers boost the process of development in the school with the help of interactive activities. There are many steps to do this and we will discuss them here. To train the kids, teachers need to study the methods with which they will be able to educate the kids. These days there are many schools which are teaching the aspirants the various procedures of teaching kids in these schools. If you are an aspirant, you will be able to learn these by taking up a certificate course in Montessori Teachers Training.

If you are a teacher, you will be able to guide children by directing them to complete simple tasks. These include maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and completing basic tasks without parental support.

The course materials in the said course consist of methods to analyze the capabilities of children with the help of which they will be able to complete the tasks. Typical tasks which you can give and engage the kids are to make them draw or color. You can also introduce basic puzzle for children to solve. Below are some more steps which you can train kids in a Montessori school.

  1. You must help the children to play with real-world materials so that they are able to learn about the objects all by themselves. As a teacher you will describe the objects verbally so that they get an idea of the object with which they are dealing with. Also, as a teacher you will help the children to explore the world by themselves.
  2. There are plenty of problem-solving activities to boost the cognitive abilities of the young minds. Some of these are building something from the blocks or to play with abacus. You will also ask simple questions to the kids to assess their progress in learning.
  3. Apart from boosting the cognitive activities, you will also emphasize on the boosting of physical activities as well. Children of age 2 to 4, or 5 years love to play and you will set up various play activities to strengthen their body. These activities would however be kept under supervision from you and must be enjoyable for children. You can also include some simple physical exercises to boost the physical abilities of children. You will be able to learn all of these by taking up the certificate course in Montessori Teachers Training.
  4. In the Montessori teachers training course, you will also pay attention to the verbal abilities of children. You will need to guide them with pronunciation of words and letters. For this, you will need to guide them with books that consist of knowledge of different objects.
  5. There are many other steps as well but these are some of the basic which you must follow and by taking the certificate course in Montessori Teachers Training you will be able to effectively guide children.

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One of the reputed names in the field of education is Leon Grant who is a teacher at Institute of International Teachers Training. He mostly teaches the Certificate course in Montessori Teachers Training for his candidates.