The supplies you use in your business and the operational products you work with will determine in part the quality of your work, the efficiency of your workflow, and your ability to make a profit. It will also help prevent errors, repairs, and annoying clients. But to better illustrate my point here, I'd like to take you through a case study. In this case study, I will use a boat cleaning services business. Here are some tips I recently gave a couple trying to choose which supplies, cleaners, and conditioning materials to use in their new business;

In your boat cleaning business, you should use products made exclusively for marine use. You should realize that although the finishes of the cans are strong to withstand the weather, they can dull, discolor, or be destroyed in the presence of certain strong chemicals. Gel coatings are very robust, and so are most of the paints in glass today, and are capable of countless threats.

Unfortunately, in humanity's incredible research in cleaning chemicals it has also become equally strong. And it's not just about the gel coats and finishes you have to worry about, but also the decals, alloys, fabrics, and just about everything inside a sailboat or megayacht.

You should also consider the safety equipment you use. When using brushes to clean boats from another boat, such as a pontoon boat, or from the dock, or even the boat itself, while leaning to one side, you may want to consider using a safety harness of some kind. If you're going to allow the safety harness to hold you while leaning over the edge, don't be a stingy on harness quality, get the most comfortable and strongest available. Consider a trapeze-style harness or a sailing regatta harness.

Leaning over the side of another container when washing is not recommended, but it is recommended that you wear a safety harness. The reason is that while brushing you can get away from the boat you're working on and then have a little wake or wave push you back. This occurs if the line used to tie the two cans is loose, loose, or loose. Obviously, a little "Boy Scout" nautical knot workout also makes sense. So, consider that important consideration too.

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