The worsening recession in the UK and rising unemployment have led many to consider setting up private taxi or rental companies. Why is this Barriers to entry are relatively low, especially if you have a vehicle suitable for the road. Along with taxi insurance, the license from the local authority is the biggest obstacle.

Other reasons for those trying to pay taxes are the increasing dependence on the car to get from A to B, which is especially true in rural areas where public bus and train services are scarce. This problem is compounded by the fact that the UK has an aging population. Although it is not always the most pleasant aspect of driving in a taxi, the young population that has fun all night depends on taxis and private rentals, since there are only means of transport late at night, therefore, the demand is high.

There are course differences in the types of road taxis in Britain, for example Hackney Carriage taxis known as "black taxis" in London are licensed to stop on the street to charge fees as opposed to rental vehicles. Private that can only pick up clients that I have booked by phone. Hackney cars are heavily regulated by local authorities because of this distinction. Many taxi drivers are self-employed, although there are cooperatives and small and large companies that also operate.

In recent years, getting a taxi insurance quote has become easier as more brokers and insurers offer their products online. Depending on your circumstances, taxi insurance can be expensive in the early years because ordinary no-claim discounts in some cases don't count toward a "no-claim taxi bond." Also, excess claims can be high and strict conditions will be imposed on the number of passengers you can transport, so always seek professional advice and compare prices to ensure you receive the best deal and coverage for your new occupation.

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