When you hear someone have diabetes or hypertension, your first reaction isn’t shock or surprise. These two diseases have become so common in our heads that they are subtly fixed in our subconscious minds as diseases that are supposed to be a part of life. The pharma world isn’t making the case any better, because they are making a fortune through it. So are the manufacturers of blood sugar monitors and blood pressure monitors. Together these markets have managed to represent these diseases as irreversible, referring to them as “life threatening” that require daily monitoring and medicines to keep them in control.

Now, off course I am not saying that these diseases are not life threatening or do not exist at all but what I am really questioning is the hype created behind these diseases.

Diabetes and hypertension are lifestyle related diseases.

Let’s first set the grounds here. There are many people who are born with diabetes and this definitely means it was either a complication during birth or it came down hereditary. So we are going to exclude them from this discussion. I am here to talk about those who developed these diseases over the course of time due to their choice of food and lifestyle. What we do know is that diabetes and hypertension are largely just lifestyle related diseases If this is the case, then all you need to do to reverse the disease is to have a change of lifestyle. Isn’t it?

I have seen many people adopt a healthy lifestyle by making changes in their diet and taking time to exercise on a daily basis. I have seen their results. I have seen them come off of their pills and go on to live a completely healthy life. Now I am not talking about people I have heard about from any xyz person. I am talking about people who are really close to me who proved this theory right. I might still have not believed this but my mother was the final person to prove it right.

So what did they all do?

These simply shifted their eating habits to a healthier version, going in for diets specifically designed for them. They removed unhealthy foods from the table and included safe for health foods. This also meant that they would eat at specific timings making sure that they are not starving themselves but having meals that are benefitting them.

To put it in simple words, they started eating the right thing at the right time.

The results did not come within a day or two. Not even within weeks. This is the time period where you will still need to continue monitoring your blood sugar levels and blood pressure in order to take relevant pills. Consider how you have been dumping harsh and unhealthy foods, toxic drinks in your body for all these years. Your body takes a couple of weeks to adjust to the new routine and then finally it happens. Your blood pressure and sugar levels start getting in control to a point where you do not have to depend on the pills.

Am I saying you should quit eating your medicines?

No. I am not a doctor and I am not even close to any medical field. I am a blogger by all the means, so I am not giving medical advice here. All I am saying is that there is an alternate way of dealing with diabetes and hypertension. You do not have to completely depend on your pills to control them. You have other options that are worth trying.

The plus point is if they are not going to benefit you in this regard, they will give 100% benefits to you in your general health and they are certainly a much safer lifestyle to try. You might come off your pills completely or you might have to take a lower dose of your prescription depending upon how your body reacts.

As a final word, in whatever that you do, never stop taking medicines without consulting your doctor and make sure that you continue to monitor your blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels all the time.

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I am an author of the above article and a medical practitioner. I run a blog vrlegneds.com