It's a question everyone asks when talking about colon hydrotherapy: can it help me lose weight? To be totally honest, it’s not an easy question to answer. In the same way that a detox diet (like drinking nothing but lemon water and maple syrup for three days) can do, a super cleansing colon hydrotherapy treatment can help you remove harmful toxins from your system while also shedding a couple of kilos that can usually be attributed to bloating and poor digestion. And, like a detox diet, it is not a solution for permanent and maintained weight loss.

However, unlike a detox diet, colonic hydrotherapy (also known as colonic irrigation) doesn’t just rid your body of toxins from one or two over-indulgent weekends, it cleanses your body of the years and years (heck, decades!) of harmful toxins and impacted fecal matter that have built up in your colon.

By removing a lifetime of hazardous junk from your colon you can kick-start your digestive system into functioning properly again. This improved colonic functioning tends to help people regulate their diet as they develop a new approach to their eating habits. They have a new appreciation of which foods are good for them and which don’t sit well – and as a result their improved diet means weight naturally comes down.

Here's another way colon hydrotherapy can help with weight loss… Because colonics involves a course of treatments spread over days or weeks, people tend to carefully watch what they eat in between treatments in order to make the most of the cleanse. A pleasant side-effect of this careful consideration towards diet often results in people losing weight during the process – many even dropping a dress size or two!

But how well colonics aids your weight loss all depends on YOU and what other steps you are taking to lose weight.

La Spa’s Diet Secret is the perfect complementary therapy to colon hydrotherapy.

At La Spa’s colon hydrotherapy clinic in Dublin we recommend incorporating our Diet Secret program with a course of colonics. By following the Diet Secret’s simple and highly nutritious eating plan while taking our course of vitamin- and mineral-enriched supplements you will find the weight just falling away. Meanwhile your course of colonics will help to restore your body’s internal balance and improve your general wellbeing.

There are too many benefits of colonic cleansing to list them all in this blog. Head over to our dedicated colon hydrotherapy page or read some of our colonic related posts on our blog.

If you have any other concerns about colon hydrotherapy please give us a call on 01 8548000 and one of our colonic therapists will be happy to answer your questions.

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