Technology and finance have become strong partners in the digital age. Anything and everything online can affect your financial outcomes, whether it’s extra money you’re looking for or items you’re willing to spend money on. You can even invest online trading and stocks to make passive income, albeit risky.

Since a billion people is actively on social media, it’s just the perfect online platform to improve your financial self. Sure, you can’t become a millionaire browsing Facebook, but it can actually help you in other ways! Here are the top five tips to become a financial expert using social media.

1. Subscribe to websites that have financial columns.

Your Facebook newsfeed is like a day-long running newspaper where everything is updated to the minute. Subscribing to website Facebook pages will fill your newsfeed with their latest posts and updates. If you want to improve your financial literacy, it is highly recommended to subscribe to Facebook pages like CNN Money and Money Magazine. These sites will give you plenty of advice about money management and personal finance.

2. Follow banks and other financial agencies to get their latest offerings.

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. are some big financial institutions which have a very strong social media presence. Following them will give you instant updates on their latest consumer offerings like lifetime-free credit cards, low interest loans, and investment accounts. You can explore these offerings and study which one is suited to your current financial situation.

3. Get the best deals, coupons, and promotions from the biggest online merchants.

Amazon, eBay, and many other online merchants also utilize social media for promoting their products. They regularly give coupon codes and deals to their followers. You can use these to reduce your expenses and in turn, save more money.

4. Ask help from your online community.

If you can’t decide whether or not you should buy something, ask your friends and followers! Some of them may have gone through the same decision-making dilemma and they will give you their insights about the situation. Although it doesn’t really make you much of an expert if you’re asking for other people’s opinion, you will learn from it. The next time, you’ll be the one answering the questions.

5. Share your goals with your friends and followers.

Set a goal that you want to meet and let your online friends know about it. For example, if you say “I want to save $500 every month!”, they will motivate you and push you to make it happen. They might even be your saving buddy which gives you friendly competition to make things more exciting.

Social media is a great way to connect, but it’s also a great way to educate yourself in other areas like finance and business. In the end, you will be the one who benefits the most from this learning experience because you will carry your newly found financial knowledge even in your old age.

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