Although raw tea and cooked tea are both Pu-erh species, can two different types of tea be preserved together? We must first understand the difference between the production process of Pu-erh raw tea and cooked tea.

Raw tea refers to all kinds of Yunnan tea (cake tea, brick tea, Tuo cha) that are freshly harvested and naturally stored after picking, without artificial "fermentation" or "waste pile" treatment, but after processing, modification and shape modification . Raw tea is stronger and more stimulating than cooked tea. Raw tea that has been freshly prepared or recently released has a bitter and astringent taste, and the soup color is lighter or yellowish green. Stored for a long time, the fragrance becomes more and more mellow.

The cooked tea is called Pu-erh cooked tea. Pu-erh cooked tea has a brownish red color, a pure taste, and a unique aroma. Pu-erh cooked tea is popular among the public because of its mild tea properties and good health care functions.

Pu-erh raw tea and cooked tea are two types of tea with completely different quality styles. Pu-erh raw tea and cooked tea should be avoided from being stored together.

The main reasons are as follows:
1. The aroma types of raw tea and cooked tea are different, and they all have the characteristics of changing with the storage time.
Pu-erh raw tea is mostly fragrant, clear, chestnut, and Chen Xiang ... Pu-erh cooked tea is mostly ginseng, Chen Xiang, lotus, jujube, camphor, etc. Due to different aroma types, such as Pu-erh raw tea and cooked tea When mixed and stored, aroma substances are bound to be cross-adsorbed, covering or changing each other, and it is difficult to obtain pure and natural aroma, which makes the tea "four different" and reduces the collection value.

2. The color of the "tea residue" at the bottom of raw tea and cooked tea is different.
The color of the bottom of raw tea leaves increases with storage time, and changes from tender green → tender yellow → apricot yellow → dark yellow → yellowish brown → reddish brown, and Puer cooked tea with a good degree of fermentation generally has a "pig liver color" , And gradually changed to dark brown with the increase of storage year.

Based on the above, these two types of tea cannot be stored together and need to be stored separately. Putting them together will affect the value of stored tea, so they should be stored separately. No matter what type of tea, it is best not to store it together. The main reason is that tea leaves can easily absorb the surrounding aroma and other substances, which will affect the quality of tea leaves.

However, under limited conditions, raw tea and cooked tea can be mixed in a large space (a room in the home), but it is indeed not allowed to be sealed in the same container for long-term storage. If you are not worried, you can put raw tea and cooked tea in the same room.

Again, it is a pleasure and enjoyment to store Pu-erh tea and taste its annual changes. Don't be too stubborn!

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