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Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier airline of Hong-Kong. Passengers can cancel their booked flight tickets if they want to. The airline provides various ways by which passengers can easily cancel tickets. If you want to know these ways then they are given below.

Online cancellation
Passengers can cancel their tickets online by following these steps.

1. Go to the Cathay Pacific website.
2. Click 'Manage Booking' option.
3. Enter your 'First name' 'Last name' and 'E-ticket number'.
4. Your itinerary and ticket details will open.
5. Select the flight you want to cancel.
6. Click the cancel option.
7. Pay the cancellation fee if applicable.
8. Your tickets will be canceled.

Cancel tickets on call
Passengers can call the Global contact centers of the airline. The number is provided on the airline's website. Passengers can contact them and request the executive to cancel tickets.

Cancel tickets at airport
Passengers can also cancel their tickets at the airport by visiting the ticket office or reservation center.

Cancel through an agent
If tickets are booked through an agent then the passenger will have to contact the agent to get their tickets canceled.

Passengers should also know the Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy before canceling their tickets.

1. According to the policy passengers who cancel their tickets within 24 hour of booking, when departure is 7 or more day away, can receive a full refund of ticket without any cancellation charges.
2. Cancellation done after 24 hours will be incurred a cancellation charge.
3. The cancellation charges will depend on the type of ticket purchased, fare rule, seat, time of cancellation and route.
4. Passengers can also request for refunds if applicable. Refunds will be provided n 7-20 business days.

For any query or help passengers can contact the Customer care center of the airline and seek assistance.

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