As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, experts are looking into various options for treatment, including existing drugs. Cannabis is one of the options that has recently gained attention. Although current research suggests some promise, it is still too early to be considered as an effective and safe treatment.

Current Research on Cannabis as a COVID-19 Treatment

Because of the restrictions on cannabis use and research in many parts of the world, we have yet to see detailed studies that focus on medical cannabis as possible prevention of or treatment for COVID-19. But recently, a group of American researchers launched a study that looked into the impact of the novel coronavirus among cannabis users during the outbreak's peak.

The global qualifying conditions for medical cannabis usually include those with compromised immune systems as well as those suffering from other chronic health conditions. These conditions are not uniform, but these individuals should also be included in the world's effort in "flattening the curve."

Recently, research has found that certain extracts of cannabis can be used in treatments to prevent infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. Specifically, the researchers found that cannabis extracts affect the expression of proteins in human cells shown to be the virus's entry point.

These extracts will require additional validation, but the study lays the groundwork for future analysis of the effects of cannabis on the novel coronavirus. Even if cannabis extracts cannot cure or treat COVID-19 on their own, perhaps they can be used as a conjunctive therapy.

A Canadian-based biopharmaceutical company is hoping to get funding to further its COVID-19 program in Canada and the United States. The company is looking to examine the active molecule in a synthetic cannabinoid compound, hoping that it can decrease inflammation and immune system overactivity, leading to sepsis. Both inflammation and immune overactivity are significant symptoms of COVID-19.

Certain cannabinoids have shown some promise in reducing the acute inflammatory response in experimental sepsis, which can help COVID-19 patients. With well-designed clinical trials, the researchers can further prove if this drug can help prevent the progression of symptoms of heightened immune response and acute lung injury, which is seen among some of the novel coronavirus patients.

In Israel, a pharmaceutical company looked into cannabis therapies and is hoping to develop a possible cell therapy treatment that uses exosomes loaded with CBD to treat COVID-19 patients. This product, which will likely be given to patients via inhalation, will also be tested to treat other lung infections.

Exosomes are small particles made when stem cells multiply. They can act as homing missiles as they target damaged organs and play a role in cell-to-cell communication. We can expect to reach a high synergistic effect if researchers combine exosomes' healing properties with CBD's anti-inflammatory properties.

Another group of researchers in Israel is working on studies that look into using a cannabis terpene formulation as a COVID-19 treatment. One of these studies focuses on the effect of cannabis molecules on the immune system, while another one investigates how the terpene treatment can prevent the entry of the virus in human cells.

Previous Research on Cannabis as a Coronavirus Treatment

There are earlier studies that looked into the effect of cannabis on the coronavirus SARS-CoV, which caused the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome back in 2003. In a study, Chinese researchers looked into the antiviral properties of cannabis against this virus. They found that certain components of cannabis show strong anti-SARS-CoV effects.

Current research on cannabis as a prevention and treatment strategy for COVID-19 is still in early stages, and it will likely take some time before it becomes definite if these products are effective and safe options. For now, the best thing that we can do is wait and do measures to keep ourselves safe.

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