Truth be told, most men wouldn’t naturally associate cardiovascular issues or issues having to do with the heart and its arteries and veins to issues having to do with erectile dysfunction, which is otherwise known as the inability of attaining or maintain penile erection, but the two – in fact – are tied together in a couple of significant ways. Over the last several years, scientists and medical professionals have found that erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a direct predictor of cardiovascular dysfunction, as a matter of fact.

Reasons for why ED can be an indicator of possible cardio-involvement revolving around dysfunction in the heart or in its blood-carrying vessels have to do with the dysfunction in those same vessels. This is because of the interrelationship between a key chemical in the body’s blood vessels – nitric oxide (NO) in the kind of tissue that the male's penis is composed of. NO is a required substance in order for the penis to attain and maintain erection.

Unfortunately, when a male is suffering from some sort of cardiovascular issue the cells within the heart’s arteries and veins -- called endothelial cells -- are unable to produce sufficient amounts of nitric oxide and therefore the chemical is not available for the body to utilize to help the tissue of the penis become erect and turgid. It is for this reason that those males who have suffered ED with some regularity need to be checked for cardiovascular involvement.

This dysfunction of the endothelial cells, fortunately, can be addressed through lifestyle modification including changes in diet, weight loss and just a little bit of exercise. This would be in conjunction, at least initially, with certain cardiac or cardiovascular pharmaceuticals in order to address the far more serious problems surrounding involvement of the heart and its blood carrying vessels. Happily, correcting that problem will -- in many cases -- address the erectile dysfunction issue.

It is equally unfortunate, though, that many males will carry with them no small amount of shame over their problems with erection and will either blame themselves or their sex partner(s) or a combination of the two. Because of this perceived shame they will quite often fail to address the underlying issue with a physician or other health professional who may recognize the problem with ED as being an indicator of another more serious issue.

This has sadly led to the premature deaths of more than a few men who, instead of going to a doctor, went out and purchased some form of "little blue pill" rather than speaking to a health professional. This effort at so-called "self treatment" is both unnecessary and possibly harmful. And because they are so preoccupied with the relatively minor issue (at least as it applies in a medical/clinical sense) of erectile dysfunction they may fail to note certain signs and symptoms of cardiovascular problems.

Some of these signs may present themselves as minor shortness of breath, especially upon very light physical exertion, transient minor chest pain which might be mistaken for indigestion due to poor diet or other related issues. Additionally, men with a history of obesity, smoking and alcohol use will quite often experience ED but will fail to appreciate that they are physical condition and personal lifestyle habits might be creating issues involving their hearts and their blood carrying vessels.

This is why education efforts involving teaching men to understand what ED is and what it isn't and what it could mean for other systems within the body are so important. When the endothelial cells lining the walls of the blood carrying vessels of the heart failed to produce enough nitric oxide there is an eventual chain of events that can lead to serious medical dysfunction that can have far more long-lasting effects than just failure to attain and maintain an erection. Men need to be self-aware and confident enough to have the issue of ED addressed properly.

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