Having clean carpets is more than just about having a healthy home. It may also prolong the lifetime of your carpets. Not only will having thoroughly clean carpets add value to your home it will also help to keep your home odor free.

This post will give you some tips and tricks on the best way for cleaning and maintenance of your carpets.

- The best way to keep your carpets clean is obviously prevention. Taking the proper care and maintenance of your carpets will save you money in the long run and save you from having to buy many different cleaning products you can Make Your Own Natural Carpet Deodorizer.

- Never try to rub harshly at a carpet stain, as this may only cause the stain to smear and become a permanent blemish. This can also cause weakness in the fibers which may cause your carpet to wear out far quicker.

- Stains that you do not treat well will often reappear at the top of your carpet. You may think you have cleaned the stain thoroughly, but pretty soon after you’ll see the same marks making their way to the surface of your carpets and rugs. To prevent this cover your stain with a fairly thick cloth and weigh it down with an object that is fairly heavy and leave overnight, this will allow your cloth to absorb much of the stain, then, give the area a good clean.

- Never try and use an iron or even a hair dryer to try and dry out a carpet stain, this tends to seal the stain permanently onto your carpet or rug.

- Make sure to use hot water extraction method on your carpet as often as needed. To have a thoroughly clean carpet, you need to have it cleaned by an experienced professional Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast. A thorough cleaning is needed at least every six months to a year in an average home.

- Watch out for spills and take care of them as quickly as possible to maintain a nice clean carpet. You can simply use water on the spill which will help most spills. If that doesn’t remove the carpet stain, you will need to look elsewhere. You can find several different products on the market that may help you to get rid of the spill quickly and effectively. These products need to be matched with the type of spill for them to be effective. Taking quick and immediate action can often help to prevent the spill from becoming a stain.

- A thoroughly clean carpet is one that is looked after and taken care of. It is worth taking the time to vacuum often with an efficient vacuum cleaner. This means going over your carpet in many directions to pick up all the dirt it can. It is worthwhile to keep the filters and bags empty and clean.

- As often as possible always try to use the mildest available cleaning products on your carpet.

- When using different cleaning products always read the label and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions

- The correct use of doorway entrance mats will help clean the dirt from people’s shoes and off your carpet surface. When using an entrance mat make sure the mat is long enough. It should be between 6 to 12 feet long. It is a good idea to also have mats placed outside of the buildings. These will often remove much of the larger particles of dirt and soil.

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