“The Power of Prayer and Meditation

18 months ago a man from Australia contacted me because he was not doing well with his business and his life in general. He had lost his life’s purpose… and he was very depressed… he did not know what to do… so he emailed me.

Learning Meditation and Prayer

He was on a downward spiral of thinking that nothing good was coming his way. And I told him he should learn meditation and prayer and make some changes in his life and in his thinking because he was the only one who could make changes in his life. But he was resistant and really didn’t know what he was going to do. He wanted to give his power away to anyone…and was looking for someone to fix his life. But I told him you are the only one who can fix this… listen to your heart and listen to God.

He Decides to Make it a Change

He had no other alternative… so he learned meditation and started doing his practice of meditation twice a day… every single day. At the same time, he started doing lots of prayers and asking God for advice on what he should be doing. He was listening to God… and started listening to his still small voice in his heart.

Then Great Changes Take Place

All of a sudden, he became very interested in marketing and started studying marketing. Then he decided to build himself an online course that people could take for free. And from that lots of other ways of making a living and having a purpose became evident… and now he is doing great.

Plus His Relationship With God Grew

With all the prayer and meditation his relationship with God grew… and God has become his source of wellbeing. Now it’s much easier for him to face life’s challenges with God with him. Plus now, he has a great willingness to let go of his old ways of thinking and being… letting go of all that old baggage… because now he has a positive anchor in his life called “God”.

He Would Visualize Emailing Me Again

Even at first when he was depressed and struggling he would visualize sending me another email letting let me know his life was great. And he wanted to thank me for pointing him towards peace and prosperity. And it all worked out and now he is doing great… and today he did send me that email.

What All of This Means

In the end, what all of this means is that if we learn to meditate and pray, and listen to God, and to have the persistence to push forward towards our goals. God in his many wondrous ways will point us in the right direction and eventually, everything will work out.

Never - Ever - Give Up!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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