“Healing Hashimoto's Disease, Terrible Constipation, and Other Health Issues”

A while back, a wonderful young lady by the name of Denise Elsner contact me, I have Denise’s permission to use her name here. Denise came to me with terrible thyroid disease to the point that she almost died, she had very bad constipation, and in general her body was not in good shape at all.

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Denise came to me about 2 years ago, and I recommended that she go on my Whole-Foods Diet and Lifestyle and I also recommended she learn meditation. And at first, it was not easy… because she had eaten the typical American diet for most of her lifetime… it was hard to change. But eventually, she learned to make adjustments and great things took place.

Denise had Hashimoto's Disease and took medications… and many people feel this disease will never go away. She ended up in the hospital with her TSH at 27.5 —her thyroid was in terrible shape… in fact, she almost died. But after really delving into my diet and making a real change… everything changed and now her thyroid TSH is normal.

And she had lots of stress with all of this, and stress causes inflammation which breaks down the lining of our gut which starts disease. And stress is directly related to thyroid problems too. But learning meditation changed all of that… and has made a huge difference.

And Denise’s constipation problems were so bad that she was in terrible pain and needed help… this is typical of our standard American diet. Whenever we have bad constipation toxins start to build up in our body and this leads to pain and suffering in general… and other diseases.

Also, Denise had lots of inflammation, inflammation caused by toxins from food that are not organic causing inflammation of her gut. And breaking down the lining of her gut cause the beginnings autoimmune disease and moods swings… which is all connected to lack of good probiotics in her gut. Regular foods in the markets contain from 30 to 50 disease-causing chemicals - Not Good.

But now all of this has healed and she is doing super—Thank GOD! And Denise eats lots of organic black beans, organic lentils, organic veggies, and organic fruits, and she follows my diet in general. And Denise highly recommends organic black beans and organic food… and feels organic food is the only way to go.

And now Denise has the strength to restart her home-based-business and do what she needs to do every single day. And in the meantime, Denise got married and she is very happy.

It’s amazing what my Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet and Lifestyle will do.

Thank You, Denise, for Allowing Me to Share Your Story!— I Love You

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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