Cellulite treatments or cellulite exercises? What’s the most effective way of dealing with those dreaded orange peel thighs, bums and tums?

The truth is simple. There’s more than one way to tackle cellulite, and combining the latest in anti-cellulite treatments with exercises that target problem areas is the best way to get rid of cellulite and keep it off.

So many women of all shapes and sizes are bothered by cellulite.Thankfully there are a range of effective treatments and exercises that can help eliminate those unwanted lumps and bumps.

Let’s take a look at a few cellulite blasting exercises you can try at home…

A few simple changes in your diet and exercise routine can make all the difference when battling cellulite. Increase water intake, eat healthy, unprocessed foods and try these easy toning exercises.

Walking – We all know that 30 minutes walking every day is great for weight loss and general wellbeing, but it’s also great for tightening legs, thighs and buttocks and getting rid of cellulite. Try to walk a route with some challenges, like steep inclines and steps, and make your strides as long as possible. Keep a fast pace going and finish with lots of stretches. Stretches not only help to warm down the body after exercise and prevent strains or injuries, they also help the body continue to burn fat.

Lunges – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands on hips. Take a large step forward with one foot and drop the knee of the other leg down to the floor. Hold the position then push up and repeat with the other leg. Do at least 10 lunges for each leg. This is a great exercise for stretching and toning legs, bum and hips.

Thigh raise – Lie on your stomach with your head resting on crossed arms. Lift your legs from just above your knees until your feet are a few inches off the ground. Hold the position for as long as you can then slowly lower your legs. Repeat several times. You can also try resting on elbows and knees then slowly raising a leg to about 45 degrees with your heel facing towards the ceiling. Hold that position then slowly lower your leg and repeat several times. Then do the same with the other leg. These types of intensive stretches are typical of pilates exercises. Pilates is great for stretching and toning muscle and eliminating excess fat so join a regular class in your neighbourhood if you can.

Combine these exercises with some highly effective cellulite treatments. Here’s what we offer at La Spa…

Endermologie is a procedure that involves massaging the fatty deposits that cause cellulite in order to separate the fat from muscle while stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

High concentrations of minerals and vitamins present in a seaweed bath will make skin smooth and tight and is a deeply relaxing and invigorating experience.

Fisioline is an anti-cellulite lotion with a patented new ‘crackle technology’ that when absorbed into the skin blasts away cellulite. It’s a pleasant sensation and leaves skin toned and smooth and best of all, cellulite free.

For a more detailed look at what these treatments involve see our blog on cellulite treatments available at our Dublin spa.

By combining a healthy diet and regular targeted exercises with our highly effective cellulite treatments you can soon be toned and terrific!

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