Summary: Discover what a post-merger integration plan is and why you need one.

Post-merger or post acquisition plans are well thought out road maps for how a business will operate after the merger process has been completed. Having an integration plan for the post-merger period is critical. When you don’t have a road map in place it can decrease the productivity of your employees and business.

If you think of it like driving, when things ahead are foggy, you tend to slow down, right? But if you can see ahead, you will keep a steady pace. Business works the same way. A post-merger integration plan will provide your employees with the confidence they need to forge ahead in circumstances where their job description may have shifted, or they find themselves working as part of a new team or new department.

In order to have a successful merger or acquisition, you need an integration plan. Integration plans are very comprehensive and will cover all the bases for you. For a smaller business, an integration plan can be as simple as some tax planning and a minor restructuring of your business. For larger companies, however, this plan could include a full host of changes. You might need new tax planning, new financial services, there could be need for a new logo, new technology, communication schemes and even marketing campaigns. A properly formulated integration plan will capture all of these requirements from the outset, so there are no surprises and contingencies.

How do I get an integration plan in place?

Simple! A management consulting firm can help you devise the perfect plan for your growing business. They will provide all the services you need and have the expertise necessary to address all your concerns. With the right consultants in your corner, you will have every confidence as you move ahead with your merger, and that confidence will last throughout the process, and even afterward.

How will a management consulting firm know what my business needs?

Mergers are big decisions, and every company is different. By completing a rigorous analysis of your business and its needs now and into the future, a management consulting firm will develop an integration plan specifically for your business. Integrating is not a one-size-fits-all process, and anyone that tries to sell you on a plan without intimate knowledge of your business is not a professional. You should expect a tailored integration plan from a team of professionals.

You made all the critical decisions, moved all the chess pieces at just the right time, and because of your intuition and strategizing you have made a deal that is going to launch your business to the next level. Don’t let that deal fall through or be compromised because of a lack of planning.

Plan ahead

If you know that a merger could be on your horizon, or you are looking to acquire another business, consult the professionals well in advance. If you have found yourself in this position with an amazing opportunity you can’t pass up – and perhaps did not have so much time to plan for it all – contact a management consulting firm. They can help you grab hold of the reigns and make this next step for your business go as smoothly as possible. It’s never too early or too late to seek professional advice on growth opportunities for your business.

If you are in need of a solid integration plan or are interested in seeing what sort of post-merger needs your business may have, don’t hesitate. Many Toronto consulting firms have teams of experienced professionals who want your merger to succeed as much as you do! They will set you up with a post-merger integration plan that will keep your business running smoothly.

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