In the last two hours, my Facebook home page has changed. The change isn't too dramatic since the only interface that actually changed was the home page - everything else is still the same. And now Facebook sort of looks like Twitter. Or maybe Twitter looks like Facebook.


In response to this minor change, almost everyone's Facebook status has been something along the lines of "I HATE THE NEW LAYOUT" "Change it back!" "facebook sucks."

Okay. yes. The new layout has some kinks that it must work out. And I won't deny that I was initially upset because I was disoriented and confused as to what happened. But they're not going to change it back, so why project our negative energy? It's complete mob mentality. One person decides that they don't like the new changes made, and then announces it publicly, and then everyone else jumps in.

It's a chorus of Egos threatened by a mere interface design.

It is amazing how, as a species, we are so reluctant of CHANGE - when change is perhaps the only constant in our lives.

Evolution leads to change. Awareness leads to change. Everything is made to change.

Imagine if there was no change. We'd still be one celled organism, we wouldn't have Facebook to complain about, and we probably wouldn't be so picky. Maybe.

Change is a part of human nature. You have an intended outcome, chances are it is different from your current state, so then to get from your current state to the intended outcome, there must be a change in intention. Or on a more tangible level, you are in point A, you want to get to point B, to get from point A to point B you must change something - physical orientation, mental process, whatever.

The new Facebook interface is such a minor, unimportant change in our lives. It is nothing compared to the other changes we are going through or will go through in the future. If Facebook throws off off center, then I can't imagine what would happen if something more important changes.

Then again, I suppose I am not one to judge how important certain things are for other people.

Let's take our faces out of our laptops, leave Facebook alone, and embrace the new changes that come to us every moment.

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