Biking is one of the healthiest ways to get around campus. Many universities that pride themselves on being a green campus promote the use of bicycles. Not only do they help reduce emissions from cars or buses, but they also help with the passenger's personal health. Nokia has come up with another incentive to bike around campus. While riding your bike, charge your phone!

Nokia has turned to the green campus market and created a cell phone charger that turns on when pedaling a bicycle. The faster you drive, the more juice flows to your phone. The chargers can be connected to any bike and only work with Nokia phones that use a 2mm power connector. The charger attaches to the middle of the handlebar of any bicycle and carries the power and green electricity from the front wheel to the charger.

The $ 18 wonder isn't the first of its kind, but it's definitely the cheapest, making it more accessible for college students trying to live a green lifestyle. Although the charger is currently marketed in developing countries with limited access to electricity, the advantages of the phone in bicycle-friendly European countries and on green campuses in the US have real potential.

"Our goal is initial launch in developing markets, but of course we see potential outside of these countries," said Nokia spokesman Leo McKay.

The charger installation process is simple:

* Place a bracket (supplied with the kit) in the middle area of ​​the handlebar
* Put the cell phone holder and charger on the holder
* Use the other bracket to secure the small electric generator to the fork of the bicycle.
* Put your phone in the holder and ride your bike

Nokia, a world leader in mobile phone production, said this new product will provide "free and environmentally friendly electricity for mobile phones" and will likely be welcomed in areas of the world where bicycles are a staple of transportation. Although the US is not one of those well-known areas, students on green campuses across the country would benefit from this green development,

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Charge your phone while riding a bike!