Chatbots have taken people’s convenience to some other level!

Whether you wish to book movie tickets or order food or inquire about nearby nightclubs, just talk to the bots and consider it done!

Their growing fondness has compelled the marketers to employ strategies to engage an audience over these platforms. This has further resulted in certain trends that you’ll have to pay special attention to in the upcoming year! Here’s a list of the top chatbot trends for 2018.

Chatbots will help gain deeper customer insights:
Chatbots when used to gather customer insights, can actually help boost a company’s marketing efforts.

You ask us how?

Well, chatbots are capable of storing information based on the questions that the customer asks. This information further enables them to provide better query resolutions in the future and make relevant upsell offers to the customers thus boosting the chances of conversion. Businesses will be seen making the most out of this capability in the upcoming year.

Voicebots will be all the rage in 2018:
Voicebots like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri have made people’s life so much easier! Whether they wish to order flowers or know the climate conditions or inquire about the stock market details, they can simply speak into their phone and get the answer.

Yes! That’s how the things are with the voice bots.

Due to the convenience the chatbots offer, it’s estimated that 2018 will probably be the “year of the voice-bot”. As a result, we will see more and more brands adopting a voice-assisted bot that’s original and built for their brand.

Chatbots will next integrate the messaging apps:
We can’t deny the insane fondness people have for messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Google Duo, FB Messenger, Snapchat and more.

The reason?

They are easy to use, offer an easy communication and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Due to the fact that today’s customers are in complete awe of these apps, organizations will be looking at leveraging messaging app platforms to their benefit.

Wondering how?

Well, they’ll readily be building and integrating chat-bots using these platforms. This would further help them gain greater brand exposure and gain more traction with the target users.

Chatbot creation will become cheaper:
Despite the many benefits that chatbots can provide to a business, there’s one thing that holds back a business from creating one – the cost incurred on chatbot creation. But, we have a great news for all the businesses who wish to leverage the benefits offered by the chatbots!

Chatbot creation is going to be much cheaper in the upcoming year and thereafter. This mainly started with Facebook’s decision to let third-party applications build chatbots in their messenger platform.

Also, with the introduction of tools such as Botsify and OnSequel, businesses can create a desired chatbot for their brand, that too without any complicated programming.

Follow these trends and you’ll surely make the most out of the technology in the upcoming year and thereafter.
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