Breakfast like a king is what the experts say and it is true. Start your family off on a healthy start by choosing a good cereal.

Start the day healthy nutritionists say. There was a reason why generations before us ate porridge for their morning meals. The world over people have their own unique breakfast rituals and own choices. In South East Asia it would be warm bowl of noodle soup, or steamed rice cakes, and out here in the west we like our mueslis and our cornflakes more than anything.

For your family choose breakfast foods that are healthy. Healthy cereals should contain low sugar or natural sugar in the form of dates and dried fruits. Many breakfast cereals for children are found to contain an extraordinary amount of sugar and this can be most harmful in the long run. Always read the nutritional information, thoroughly and understand the ingredients. Try and select cereals that are fortified with vitamins and minerals essential for a young growing family.

It’s important that you form the good habits early and once the taste of good and healthy foods is acquired, it becomes habit. Oats and whole wheat are very nutritious for children. Steer clear from refined ingredients, white flour, colour, preservatives and nasties. Wholesome goodness is best found in cereals that are 100 percent natural. A young family needs energy and oats are great for energy, for the B vitamins and iron. Taking foods that are already rich in vitamins is a better way of replenishing the diet rather than taking vitamin pills. You can always sweeten a plain cereal by adding honey, dates or chopping some fruits into it for your children.

Rice based cereals are also quite nutritious as long as the sugar content is very low. Many of us these days are allergic to many wheat products and you can choose grains such as millet, sorghum and quinoa to counter this. Another great thing to do is make you very own cereal at home. Health food stores now offer dispensers of individual grains and seeds as well as nuts. This way you can be sure no sugar has been added and simply create your own combination with the mix of the nutritious grains you prefer. In fact many mothers are making their own granola these days, it’s almost become trendy. Muesli bars, home made cereal bars are healthier as you know exactly what you put into it and taste much better too as you can devise the recipe to suit your own taste buds.

A balanced diet will include foods from all the five food groups. These are vegetables, grains, fruits, milk, meat and lentils. So you can vary breakfast some days with eggs, omelette with vegetables and fruit smoothies to ensure your family is starting the day off healthy. Keep you diet healthy by choosing fresh over tinned, and natural over processed. Avoid sugary foods, fast foods and junk foods.

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For living a blissful life you need to keep you body fit and healthy. Believe breakfast cereals that are rich in vitamins and low in calories help us in living a healthy life. You can choose from various kind of breakfast foods like, Muesli bars, Granola and many more that fits your diet.