Everything in life is a choice. No matter what the topic, choice is always there. Most of the time there are many choices about any particular topic that we encounter.

The gift of life is understanding it's all about choice and being aware that our choice creates our experiences.

At every given moment, in every experience choice is always there for you. It's the key to treasure house.

When you get up in the morning you begin making choices based on desires, expectations, beliefs and emotions.
You pick out clothing, decide coffee, tea or juice. You decide what to eat, where, when and how.

You continue making choices as you gear up for the drive to work or start your day of caring for home and family.

Your thoughts are always swirling about in your head, announcing your fears, joys, ambitions, limits, self image and projections of how the day will turn out.

As you become more aware of choices, thoughts, emotions all playing hand in hand in your life you can better pick and choose which ones to run with.

If you really do want to feel good and be happy today, you will choose thoughts, feelings, actions based on feeling good.

As you go through the day making decisions based on how you feel, your choices become much easier.
You choose your conversations wisely, you socialize based on your desired outcome. You shift your actions to be in line with your desires. Choices are seen as you best friend.

In real life how do choices work to our advantage? You already know through your experience how certain choices create certain outcomes. You are now armed with understanding and insight into how your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, feelings and outcome are all linked together.

Say your spouse, child, co worker brings a situation to you that you know already how it most likely will play out based on your experience, you now have the tools to change, shift and create anew.

Rather than choosing to argue, banter, or defend your stand, you take another road. You make your choices now on how you desire to feel throughout the day. Is it more important to you to feel good or be right?

While maintaining the desire of feeling happy today, each choice is made from the point of Being happy. It's a wonderful turn of energy. As you go through each interaction today choose to feel good, to be happy. If you find yourself back in the habit of defending yourself, arguing for your point of view, just shift back over to feeling good. From this vantage point making choices in line with being happy is much easier.

How you feel is not Dependant on what others are doing. Really, it isn't. It only depends on your choices to be happy. When how you feel is number one on your priority list, all else falls into place.
As you focus on being happy today you will being noticing how many other happy people come into your life. You will find the perfect parking space, the house work and office work will get done easily and with little resistance.

Only when we place our happiness in the hands of outside forces do we experience unhappiness. Take back your power to be happy, think happy, feel happy, act happy and happy will surround you all the day long.

When people in your life are determined to share their unhappiness with you, focus again on your thoughts and emotions. At this point you get to choose how and what to think and feel. Take a deep breath and gather your mental images. Get out of the habit of reacting to what others say and do. This is an endless loop. Get into a place of action based on how you want to feel and how you wish to experience your life.

The more you practice filtering all actions through the desire to be happy, the easier it gets and the more filled with joy your life becomes.

Start right now, choose to be happy.

Author's Bio: 

Donna DeVane is a spiritual energy healer, life coach, teacher, author and artist whose works encourages empowerment and blissful living.