Jewellery is one of the most personal give you can give to your loved ones. For that matter, handmade jewellery is something that talks about the thought involved in it before buying it. You have a plethora of options to choose from many types of handcrafted artisan necklaces such as casual, traditional, ethnic and contemporary or the jewellery is worn with business attire and formal outfits. Also keep in consideration the variety and the colors of jewellery available from freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and crystals. In addition to personal color preference, think whether the person for whom you are buying these handmade necklaces has a passion for soft or dark colors, or pastels could be another good choice.
Consider the personal choice of the person, what kind of attires she likes to wear. An appropriate gift for a very casual person who loves wearing ripped jeans with crop top may not be suitable for the businesswoman who is seen in business suits and formals majority of the times. If your friend has a fondness for certain gemstones and their texture, a beautiful gemstone pendant suspended in gold-plated or sterling silver chain could be the best option to ooze her. On the other hand, a contemporary lover would love to wear unsymmetrical and bold patterns. A contemporary jewellery lover may like handmade necklaces made with earthen materials like woods, shells, feathers etc.
Because handcrafted jewellery comes in various shapes, patterns and sizes, look for the adjustable pieces if you are unsure about the measurements of the person. Extender chains, extra hooks, adjustable clasps, stretchable threads are very popular these days and readily available with jewellery designers. There is another way out to play safe, try searching for long chained handmade necklaces which can be wrapped around the neck of any size. Often some people prefer gifting only gemstone pendants and leave the rest on the person to choose the right size of the chain. These chains are available in many lengths and are sometimes beautifully carved. If things are really getting complicated, custom jewellery can be made by contacting the artist.
To find the perfect piece of handmade jewellery, keep in mind the clasp of the piece should always be easy to lock. One should not look for some other person to get the job done. A hook or an eye, or a loop button closure could be the best choice, especially in bracelets and necklaces. Many designers are now adding charms t this hooks to make it more appealing and personalised. Choosing a wonderful handmade gift tells the recipient that you have given a wise thought in selecting one. It says they are special and you care for them and their comfort.

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