Cake display refrigerators are commonly used in bakeries and cafes. They are ideal refrigeration appliances for storing and displaying the cake collection. Good presentation of the cake collection can become a very good crowd puller. People love to eat cakes and there is a lot flexibility when it comes to cakes. You can be very creative with your cake collection and then display it for your customers.
There is a wide variety of cake display refrigerators available in the market.
Polar and tecfrigo are both very famous refrigeration brands. Both have excellent cake display refrigerators in their collection. It is important to choose the best one for your business. Here is a comparison of two cake display refrigerators, one by polar and one by tecfrigo.
POLAR CG582 100ltr Curved Refrigerated Display:
This refrigerator has curved glass safety and is made up of stainless steel. It features digital controller which always a good feature as it helps in operating the appliance. It has LED lighting and automatic closing doors.
It is equipped with forced air cooling and features auto defrost. The capacity of the refrigerator is 100 liters. It has a hinged single door. The shelves of the refrigerators are rotatable the finish of the refrigerator s of black color and it has a temperature range of 2 C to 12 C. the net weight of the display refrigerator is 50 kg. The refrigerant used in this refrigerator is R600a.
Tecfrigo 100 Liter Rotating Cake Display Fridge:
The TecfrigoRotating Cake Display Fridgeis an excellent and stunning cake display refrigerator. It has a curved glass front which provides an excellent display to the cakes. It is equipped with fan assisted cooling and features shelves which are not just rotating but also adjustable. It also has adjustable feet.
It features interior LED lights which come with a switch. It has a digital controller and a temperature display. The capacity of the display refrigerator is 100 liters.The temperature range of the appliance is between +4 C to +10 C. The refrigerant used in the fridge is R134a. The energy consumption of the appliance is 3.75 kWh/h.
The number of shelves is five. It has a single glass door which is hinged. The external finish is black while the internal finish is gloss black.
Which one to buy?
Both of the models by tecfrigo and polar are designed for commercial use so there are several features which are common in both of the appliances. But when you are investing money in commercial refrigeration then it is very important to pay attention to minute details because they can make a lot of difference in your business.
First of they have different cooling systems so you should see which type of cooling system is best for your place. The capacity of both models s same but the tecfrigo model comes with five shelves while the polar cake display refrigerator only has three shelves. The five shelves are a better option because they can help you in displaying a wider variety. The five shelves allow to put an excellent display for the customers. The customers are always attracted more to the places where they can see more variety being displayed.
It is also equipped with fan assisted cooling which is an excellent and suitable cooling system for the commercial refrigerators. In fan assisted cooling the cold air is re circulated within the refrigerator with the help of a fan. This system can reduce the temperature of the food pretty quickly so it is very efficient.
The tecfrigo’s cake display refrigerator has higher energy consumption as compared to the polar cake display but it is wort it as it provides a better visual of the displayed products.
Tecfrigo’s shelves are not only rotating but also adjustable which makes it very convenient and easy to use. It is also fully automatic refrigerator.
The polar’s model has automatic closing doors which are very useful for energy efficiency but the tecfrigo’ model is fully automatic appliance. The appliances which are fully automatic are easier to use.
The tecfrigo cake display refrigerator uses the refrigerant R134a. There are several advantages of using this refrigerant as opposed to the refrigerant R600a. It has replaced several other refrigerants because the R134a is not toxic at all. It is also not flammable which makes it very useful and suitable refrigerant. Another important thing about this refrigerant is that it has zero OPD level. It is also included in the greenhouse gases. The refrigerant R600a maybe more energy efficient but it has inflammable issues.
While buying the best appliance you have to look beyond the same features and look for the features which make the appliance unique in comparison to the other. When you look at these two models you will find unique features in tecfrigo Goloso which make it an excellent and reliable choice. Please visit to buy online!

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