Most people know when seeking christian marriage advice that once you become joined with another person, it’s bound to become difficult. It’s like two people in a gunny sack race… One has their left leg in the bag, the other person has their right leg in it and they’re supposed to run together and not fall down?

Are you kidding me? They’re gonna fall down multiple times for sure, get back up, and learn to work together (if they want to win the race). On the other hand, if they don’t want to win, they’ll just lay there, moan and complain, blame each other, and eventually forget they were ever in a race.

Even when seeking christian marriage advice, most people already know that God hates divorce. Too much trouble comes from it… more trouble than staying married (except where abuse is involved).

People change… Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. That’s why most marriage vows contain the phrase, “For better and for worse.” But what happens many times when things get worse in a marriage? One of the two says, “I don’t need this” and bails out. If this happens, getting some good christian marriage advice is mandatory!

I’m certainly no marriage councilor, but I do know that in order to make a relationship work, each person must put the other first and forget about his or her self. That’s probably the best christian marriage advice one can hear!

The Bible says pride is the source for all disharmony in life. It also says, “Love prefers!” We can actually learn a great deal about relationships and marriage from the love chapter in the Bible… 1 Corinthians 13!

I’ve been married since 1992, and neither my wife or myself are the same as we were back then. We’ve had our share of garbage to deal with just like everyone else who’s married. We just never entertained the idea of divorce. It just simply wasn’t an option. Too many people get married with the idea of “Let’s just give this a try.” Those who approach marriage this way are doomed for failure before they ever begin!

Another thing to consider when seeking christian marriage advice is children. What happens when children are involved in a divorce? Who’s gonna pay then? The innocent kids who will somehow try to blame themselves for the demise of the family.

So what is a strong relationship or marriage based on? Ultimately, if two people are friends right off the bat, they have an easier time with making their relationship work than two people who are basing it solely on physical attraction, finances, children, or anything else. You may still find yourself wanting some good christian marriage advice on occasion because you’re still married. Just being friends makes it easier. Much easier, in fact.

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