In the past two decades more and more people have been experimenting with using cannabis products to treat and manage the symptoms of their medical conditions including a wide range of mental health issues and chronic ailments. Many have discovered a fresh alternative for the treatment of their condition through the new and exciting world of legal recreational and medicinal cannabis in Canada. But what conditions are best suited and best respond to this kind of treatment?

Many people who struggle with conditions that involve frequent bouts of debilitating pain have turned to cannabis after years of using traditional medicines and battling against the plethora of side effects that can potentially arise from them. It is not uncommon for a person who is already suffering with some level of physical discomfort to experience a host of other unwanted aches, pains, stomach upsets, skin conditions or additional mental and physical issues with traditional medicines. The frustration a person experiences when trying to find relief only to become dependent on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals to keep all of the conflicting symptoms and side effects in check can be overwhelming.

This despair and lack of widespread support lead many people to begin experimenting on their own with cannabis as a method of managing their symptoms and reclaiming their lives. Many have been able to find a new way to manage pain, find rest and relaxation, help themselves fall asleep at night and help to foster and maintain a healthy appetite even in the face of severe digestive issues or nausea. People have used cannabis to aid in their battle against serious and life threatening diseases like cancer, finding peace and comfort and in some cases even speeding the healing and recovery process.

Being aware of the different types of cannabis products and their levels of THC and CBD as well as the potential medicinal benefits they can provide to people struggling with a chronic ailment is the first step on the pathway toward utilizing this powerful and healing plant. Cultures and societies have used cannabis worldwide for thousands of years to promote good health, manage pain, encourage happiness and socialization, foster creativity and encourage wellbeing and community and there is no reason that you can’t utilize it too!

Many of the newest and most exciting strains for users interested in trying medicinal cannabis are focused on high CBD content and low THC content. This allows for the cannabis to be used by anyone in virtually any circumstance without the risk of impairment. Because CBD itself is not a psychoactive compound using it does not result in the euphoric “high” users of traditional THC heavy cannabis will be accustomed to. Therefore you can smoke, vape or otherwise ingest a CBD product to enjoy the benefits of its medicinal qualities without worrying about losing focus, becoming distracted and detached or behaving inappropriately in a professional or social setting.

High CBD cannabis has been shown to be effective in treating and helping to manage the symptoms of a wide range of modern medical ailments including but not limited to stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, autism, cancer recovery, chronic pain management, crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, endometriosis and more! CBD has even been used successfully to treat patients as young as two years of age who are struggling with certain rare and severe forms of epilepsy.

There is also some research to suggest that THC and CBD work in concert to promote and enhance the beneficial effects provided by cannabis. Experienced smokers or patients who require the euphoria and calm provided by traditional and potent marijuana could switch to an alternative strain with a higher CBD content when they start using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Or you could add a high CBD strain, some CBD topicals, CBD capsules or a CBD concentrate to their stash box. For those who prefer the euphoric calm of traditional cannabis there are plenty of great THC focused cannabis concentrates, cannabis edibles and a seemingly endless amount of strains to choose from in store and online.

It is an exciting time in Canada for medicinal and recreational cannabis and at Haute Health we know that this is just the beginning. As more research is done and more and more people turn to cannabis and begin to share their positive experiences with the world we are certain to unlock and harness the full potential of this wonderful and natural substance and discover all that it can do for people who are struggling with chronic pain and illness.

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