Prostatitis is a male disease that can easily recur. Many symptoms at the beginning of the disease, are not obvious, so they are easy to be ignored. But over time, the symptoms worsened, and when they found out, the disease had developed into chronic prostatitis.

What is it like to have a husband (or boyfriend) with prostatitis?

"Go shopping with my husband, while I go shopping, he goes to the toilet. He can tell you how many toilets there are in the mall." A wife said.

"When I went to other places for a trip, I didn't know where the toilet was. He took a deep breath and pointed out the direction of the toilet. He said that the smell of the toilet made him know where the toilet was."

"He was in bed that day, and he suddenly urinated."

"He suffered from this inflammation for five years. I haven't had a good sex life for five years, and I haven't had children yet."


If chronic prostatitis can be detected early and intervened, it will help to improve the curative effect. Therefore, once the following symptoms are found, men should immediately go to the hospital for examination and actively receive treatment.

In general, the treatment time of chronic prostatitis is longer than that of acute prostatitis. Western medicine mostly uses antibiotics, but because of the particular prostate structure, the curative effect of antibiotics is not ideal, and there are specific side effects.

Traditional Chinese medicine in treating chronic prostatitis has unique advantages, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can not only eliminate symptoms but can also thoroughly treat the disease from the root, which has unique advantages in treating chronic prostatitis.

What are the typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis?

1. Obvious discomfort in urination

Chronic prostatitis can make patients feel obvious abnormal urination, such as excessive urination, frequent urination, urinary tract burn, pain, and penis head infection during urination. Moreover, there are mucus and other secretions in the urethral orifice in the morning, making it difficult to urinate.

2. Decreased libido and ejaculation pain

With chronic prostatitis, patients in ejaculation will feel pain or difficulty and a short time, physiological desire decline and other symptoms. And, micturition or defecation will appear urethral orifice albinism, combined with seminal vesiculitis can appear hematuria. If ejaculation discomfort occurs, the possibility of chronic prostate cancer should be suspected.

3. Locals will feel obvious distending pain

Some patients with chronic prostatitis may appear urethra, perineum, as well as anal contraction and distension discomfort. When they squat stool or sit for a long time without exercise, they will feel the lower abdomen has a more apparent distending pain in slowly aggravating, if not pay attention, will lead to deterioration of the condition.

4. Symptoms of nervous system abnormalities

Chronic prostatitis can also appear in varying degrees of nervous system abnormalities, such as physical fatigue, dizziness, insomnia and so on. Chronic prostatitis may even cause abnormal reactions in the body, such as conjunctivitis and arthritis, which are typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

5. Symptoms of infection in the surrounding area

The pain of chronic prostatitis is limited to urethra and perineum and the infection symptoms of nearby areas. Usually, low back pain below the abdomen is the most common, which may involve the penis and spermatic cord, testicular scrotum, groin area, thigh root, rectum, etc.

All in all, the above symptoms are manifestations of chronic prostatitis. If patients find that they have these symptoms, they should not be too alarmed. They should not take anti-inflammatory drugs or blindly believe in some advertisements.

Patients should immediately go to the regular hospital for examination, and choose appropriate treatment after diagnosis, to effectively avoid the aggravation and recurrence of the disease.

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