The health status of adult men is deteriorating, especially male-related diseases, such as chronic prostatitis. Many middle-aged men suffer from it.

Chronic prostatitis can be divided into two types according to the causes: chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. Generally speaking, the latter is more common than the former (the incidence rate is eight times higher than that of the former).

However, antibiotics are difficult to play a role in the treatment of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. But herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill of Dr. Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic can effectively treat both chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. It can treat not only the diseased area but also inhibit the further spread of inflammation.

What early symptom does chronic prostatitis have?

Voiding irritation: frequent urination, urgency and pain; morning, there is a dripping in the urethra (mucus and pus secretion), cloudy urine, and can occur in the terminal stage of urine in severe cases, or hematuria, or dysuria and urinary retention.

Radiation pain: prostate or seminal vesicle has rich sympathetic innervation. When inflammation occurs, the tension inside the gland increases, stimulating the sensitive nerve and causing metastatic low back pain. The pain can radiate to the penis, testicle, scrotum, groin, perineum, abdomen, thigh, buttock, rectum, etc. It is characterized by dull pain or falling pain.

Sexual dysfunction: due to the long course of the disease, patients with high ideological pressure, some patients may have decreased or disappeared sexual desire, ejaculation pain, hematuria, premature ejaculation, impotence, ejaculation and infertility. Others can be complicated with neurosis, manifested as fatigue, dizziness, insomnia and depression.

How to prevent chronic prostatitis?

1. Physical exercise. The exercise of the abdomen, thigh and buttocks can massage the prostate can promote the blood circulation and lymph circulation of prostate gland diseases. Therefore, jogging or walking for 20-30 minutes every day has a health care effect on the prostate.

2. Supplement zinc. As trace elements can increase the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects of the prostate, eat more zinc-containing foods such as pumpkin seeds, peanuts, almonds and sesame may have a certain impact on the prevention and treatment of prostate diseases.

3. Drink plenty of boiled water. Drink more than 5 cups of boiled water every day, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, less high-fat food, quit alcohol and eat less spicy food.

4. Regular blood test and digital rectal examination. It is an essential method for the early detection of renal damage caused by BPH and prostate cancer. The elderly over 50 years old should receive a renal function test and digital rectal examination every six months or one year

5. Keep clean. Because the male scrotum retraction is big, the local bacterium can enter easily, causing prostatitis, BPH, and sexual function decline.

6. Prevent cold. Cold can make sympathetic nerve excited, leading to increased pressure in the urethra and adverse flow of urine, leading to prostate infection. Therefore, in autumn and winter, people should pay attention to keep warm.

Besides, pay attention to work and rest regularly, establish confidence in treatment, control sexual desire, and avoid eating spicy and stimulating food.

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