For many workers, the worst part of the day isn’t necessarily the long hours sitting in front of a computer screen or those boring meetings with the boss. Rather, sitting in rush hour traffic for an hour every morning and every evening can be extremely exasperating when all you want to do is get home and spend time with the family. Instead of fraying your nerves while waiting for the stoplight to turn green, getting rid of your car and finding alternative ways to make your way to work can make a huge difference in your overall job satisfaction.

While you could opt to take the train or subway, getting outside during your commute is a great way to get a healthy dose of nature on your way to work in the morning and then clear your head after a long and sometimes monotonous day at the office. If you your house is too far from your workplace to walk and if the thought of sharing the road with busses and cars while biking to work doesn’t appeal to you, hoverboards or scooters offer an innovative and unique commuting alternative. Below, we look at the top three advantages that come with opting to commute to work on a scooter or a hoverboard.

What is a Hoverboard?

Before we turn our attention to the top benefits associated with scooters and hoverboards, it is important to clear up a few doubts related to what hoverboards are and what they are not. While many of us might have an image of Marty McFly from “Back to the Future” floating on a hovering skateboard without wheels, the hoverboards that are available in today´s world are a bit different.

Despite the name, hoverboards don’t really hover. Rather, it is a type of self-balancing scooter. These devices are different from the Segway in that the wheels are generally smaller and there isn’t a handlebar for you to hold on to. Like Segways, however, the hoverboard speed and direction is controlled by your sense of balance and it does certainly look like you are hovering as you move forward without any holding on to anything in front of you.

The Benefits of Hoverboards for Commuting to Work

While riding on a hoverboard might not seem like a lot of exercise, research has shown that you can burn calories during a half hour ride on the way to work, much more than simply sitting in your car. One study finds that a half hour hoverboard ride can burn up to 300 calories through the slight movements and flexing that you do in order to control the board.

Furthermore, hoverboarding increases your sense of balance and flexibility. In order to speed up slow down and turn you need to lean backwards and forwards. These slight movements offer a greater sense of balance while also increasing your reflexes. The lack of handlebars (like those on the Segway) mean that you also strengthen your core muscles while standing up on the hoverboard.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, riding a hoverboard to work encourages you to get outside and enjoy a bit of fresh air. Instead of breathing in the chemical-infused air freshener in your car or the stuffy air you share with thousands of people on the Subway, you will be outside and enjoying the fresh air. Most cities and towns allow hoverboards to share sidewalks with pedestrians, so you also will not have to worry about battling for road space with cars and busses.

While there are dozens of companies manufacturing hoverboards, the best hoverboards I´ve seen are thoroughly reviewed on this website and allow you to find the best hoverboard to vastly improve your commute to work.

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