What is you climb? Are you facing challenge in your life today? The climb is the most difficult part of the walk we face in our everyday life.

It’s where our realities are faced. It’s where we wonder whether or not we are able to complete all of the task in life we face. We all have a specific place in life we hope to be at and for many of us by now we expected to be at that specific place , yet there is something or someone in our life that holds us back.

The climb is that place we often yearn to just quit and give up yet there is something churning inside of us that will not allow this to happen. The in-between is the most difficult part of the climb. During the in-between processes of life the unforeseen circumstances we begin questioning whether or not the vision we saw years prior is still attainable. What keeps us from operating in consistency ? Why do we struggle with sin so much?

These are only few of many questions I ask myself daily. It’s a place in all of us to do what’s good. The fact is that we all have a part of the creator God inside of all of us, that is waiting to be discovered.

What are some activities that we can do on a consistent basis that would bring pleasure to God? The bible teaches that he does indeed inhabit the praises of his people.
Psalm 22:3
But You are holy, O You Who dwell in [the holy place where] the praises of Israel are offered.

So we know that without a doubt praise is one way we can encounter intimate relationship with God. The other way we can draw nearer to God by reading our bible on a consistent basis which will help determine when God is speaking to us. It will help by providing revelation to all that is taking place around us.

Finally prayer is a way to draw near to God. I can honestly say that this is the one very important area that we may find ourselves missing out on.
I am not sure if we feel as though God isn’t going to answer, or if we have asked way to many time’s or then there is the possibility that we have convinced ourselves internally that we are asking for something we may not even believe in anymore or struggle with maintaining that belief.
My personal hope is that I continue to pursue God despite my inequities, in faith that if I can’t turn the climb around , I still have some sort of faith that he can. Today I encourage you to continue to climb as well as pursue the best that God has for you.

I love you more importantly Jesus loves you and yes he does care.

Author's Bio: 

currently reside in Nashville, TN , I am however originally a Native of the Great State of Texas. I love to write,as well as encourage others, especially women, that have endured not so great childhoods, these are also women that have experienced all sorts of addictions, as well as women that currently deal with fear & anxiety, as well as depression,& past bad relationships of some sort of abusive situation.