It's no secret that celebrities have long advocated the use of colonic cleansing to help get them looking great and feeling energized. This super cleansing treatment eliminates the long-term build up of the impacted waste that lines our intestines, causing us to feel bloated, sluggish, tired and irritated. By whooshing away the ‘problem’ at a colonics treatment centre, celebs can cleanse and de-stress and ensure they’re ready to strut the red carpet with confidence.

Colon cleansing – otherwise known as colonic hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation - has been endorsed by a host of Hollywood stars according to US magazine, including the likes of A-listers like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, Madonna, Janet Jackson and supermodel Cindy Crawford – to name but a few.

But it's not just celebs and those with the cash to splash on the rich and famous lifestyle that are turning to colonics to improve their overall wellbeing.

Right here in Ireland, at La Spa Therapie Malahide, men and women are coming to our day spa for a colonic cleansing treatment. At a fraction of the price that the A-listers would spend, our clients can get the full cleansing experience in a safe, relaxing environment from our trusted and experienced colonic therapists.

What is colonic cleansing?

This super cleansing treatment is all about flushing out impacted fecal matter using hydrotherapy. Purified warm water is gently infused into your colon to soften and remove the waste. The treatment usually lasts between 45-50 minutes and usually involves a course of several treatments over time. Many of our clients report feeling more relaxed and happier, with a greater sense of wellbeing after a cleansing session.

And you don’t need to be on a mission to look like a Hollywood star to appreciate the positive effects of colonic hydrotherapy. For us average Joes and Josies, colonic cleansing helps relieve the constipation and irregularity associated with an unhealthy diet. By ridding ourselves of the unwanted remains of all that junky processed food, we can feel refreshed and energized while enjoying the benefits of an improved complexion and a slimmed down tum.

You also don't need the budget of a Hollywood star to get the benefits of a colonic treatment. At La Spa, a session costs €90, a course of three treatments costs just €230, and six treatments costs just €450. The life-improving benefits are well worth the expense and very affordable when compared to the A-listers day spa bills!

For more information about colonic cleansing visit our website dedicated colonics page or call us on 01 8548000 if you’d like to discuss this treatment with one of our hydrotherapy experts. We’re happy to answer any of your questions!

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