John just turned 50 and the family doctor, advised him to go and get a colonoscopy but the thought of the whole process is far too uncomfortable for him. Are you like John and afraid to get a colonoscopy?

Fear as an initial reaction to colonoscopy diagnostic procedure is understandable but you don’t really need to fear it. What is more scary is the increasing number of patients who have colorectal cancer when it can be easily prevented by going through the colonoscopy screening test.

According to Cancer Australia, here are a few statistics about colorectal cancer:

- It is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the country as of 2013.
- It is also the second leading cause of cancer deaths in 2014.
- It is estimated that 4,114 deaths in 2017 will be due to it.

If that still doesn’t scare you into getting the procedure done for early diagnosis, then these 7 reasons may further convince you not to be afraid of a colonoscopy.

Best Way To Detect Cancer

A Colonoscopy is the best diagnostic procedure to detect colorectal cancer especially during the early stages. When colon cancer is detected during its early stages, it can be much simpler or easier to treat.

With the procedure, the polyps or abnormal growths in your colon can be discovered. It can be scary to know you have them but this early discovery makes it easier for the doctors to treat and prevent colon cancer from developing.

Even if you don’t have any symptoms yet, it is best to undergo a colonoscopy regularly especially when you are 50 and over or when you have a family history of it.

Screening Test Is Good For Up To 10 Years

Once you’ve gone through the procedure, you won’t need to undergo it once again for up to 10 years. In case doctors find pre-cancerous growths, they can schedule the procedure at lesser intervals.

A Painless Procedure

Do you think the snake-like tube used in the colonoscopy procedure will be painful? Don’t worry, it is not. That tube, known as the colonoscope , is a flexible, thin and hollow tube with a tiny camera at the tip.

During the procedure, you will be sedated so you won’t feel a thing. After the colonoscopy procedure, it is possible to feel slightly bloated but it will soon pass as the gas trapped inside the body naturally comes out.

Preparing For The Procedure Is Not Difficult

Beforehand, preparation for the colonoscopy procedure required drinking a large amount of a laxative and electrolyte solution. Some were overwhelmed by the quantity of the liquid and are also discouraged because of the taste.

Today, a smaller amount of liquid is required to be consumed and they also taste better too. There are powdered packets that can be mixed with water for easier preparation.

The Colonoscopy Doesn’t Take Long

The colonoscopy procedure doesn’t take long at all so you won’t be sedated for long. It usually takes only 30 minutes to complete the procedure but it can take up to an hour or more when you include the consultation and the waiting time.

May Be Covered By Insurance

Are you afraid to go through a colonoscopy screening test because of the cost? A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that can be covered by insurance so you can expect that there is $0 or only minimal out of pocket cost.

You Won’t Be Embarrassed
Are you conscious about someone seeing your private parts? You are not alone because most people are, but you have to understand the procedure is done by professionals.

Medical professionals have seen body parts before and they are used to it. They won’t question you or talk to you about what they see unless they have medical concerns.

Besides, they won’t be staring at your buttocks but will be focused on the screen to keep a watchful eye with what is inside.

These 7 reasons prove that there is really nothing to fear about a colonoscopy procedure. By being informed, you can set your fears about the colonoscopy diagnostic procedure aside.

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