Large commercial laundry machines have changed a lot over the years, but so have the demands of various customers. Consider the washing machine alone, and then consider the applications that are now a daily requirement for large organization laundry systems. The washer must first match a demand tailored to the operation.

A small hotel can consume between 10 and 50 kg per day, and this may be on the verge of outsourcing or doing it yourself. While something like a Las Vegas hotel may have restaurant linens and covers for 8,000 rooms, each of which is changed daily, this has a demand for bedding, towels, and flannels, while the restaurant may demand tablecloths, tea towels and napkins, and finally The hotel will surely offer a laundry service to the client.

A restaurant can only have 50 covers, but it requires washing clothes on a daily basis, but a major health authority may have a community operation that serves several very large outlets that require quick change, with a hygiene and clean room requirement. Planning for such laundries has become an important business in itself, and it can be quite difficult to design and adapt units for changing markets.

Having decided on the amount of washing to be done, then it is necessary to decide whether to work a one, two or three shift system and the number of machines, so the workload requires separate washers for different products? That is, is there a clean and sanitary room application, or a dirty and dirty requirement that needs to be kept separate?

The division between different types of clothing should be established to see that the amounts of clothing created for each different use are noted. This will allow scheduling of washers to meet the different washer cycles needed

There will be an energy requirement for larger operations that will need to be calculated and then installed. The water supply is large, but the total amount can be reduced by using low-water washers and with rising water prices, this can be a huge expense. Detergents can be supplied individually and automatically, and there are many low-detergent washers to choose from.

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Washing clothes can be the most difficult household chore. Even with a laundry machine, the task takes a lot of effort: