So is your daily workout killing your body?

If you are one of those who is facing health troubles due to incorrect gym workout it’s important to heed such mistakes and resolve them as soon as possible. Most of the cases occur when you execute wrong workout in the gym or miss some of the guidelines given by your trainer.

Some of the mistakes are minor and can be cured easily. But in some of the critical mistakes, you could even fail to recover and cause severe injury to your body.

So, let's take a look at some of the common workout mistakes that you should never do in the gym.

No Warm-up before Workout: This is the case when you start your heavy workout without getting ready for the workout. Your muscles must be prepared before heavy workout and hence you need a warm-up of your body muscles that can make them alert and increase the weight slowly. But in case of using heavy load without warm-up leads to fatigue or muscle damage that can even get severe in some cases.

No Proper Hydration during Exercise: During your workout, you should have adequate water intake that can keep you hydrated. But some people avoid consuming water on a regular interval of time and hence get fainted. The case of getting fainted due to heavy workout without proper hydration is common in a gym where people visit without proper training and assistance.

Avoiding Minor Injury/Pain: Most of you have heard that you should avoid minor pain during the workout as it arrives to newcomers. But if you are working without a trainer, you should attend each and every pain or injury as it can go critical with heavy workouts. Before you being your workout, you should consider your prior pain or injuries and ask for the right opportunity to work out without increasing the pain.

No Proper Breaks: During your workout, you will come across two major terms i.e. “Reps” and “Sets”. In between each repetition of your workout, you are suggested to take little rest to regain your lost energy and redo the workout with the same energy. But in some newbie continue workout without taking proper halts and give proper recovery time to their body. There is a specific time that you should take rest in between two “Reps” and two “Sets”.

Poor Workout Technique: Poor workout technique is the most critical past that can give birth to numerous other body problems that could be hard to cure. Your wrong workout techniques can even lead to injuries that will take a long time to recover. So, you are always prescribed to take assistance from your trainer and follow the right techniques to avoid injury/pain.
You should always remember that in order to expect best results from your gym workout, you should take proper assistance from your trainer and take proper precautions in terms of diet and workout.

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