Leadership development is a goal most organizations seek to aim for and attain. Leadership development is a core component for driving any organization forward. In simple terms, it may be understood as an initiative an organization undertakes to develop leadership from within.

Leadership development being what it is; it is something that can happen when people identified for current or future leadership roles are put to rigorous leadership skill training on the job, or leadership development can come about with the help of educational training.

Whatever the type of leadership development an organization undertakes for its employees; a few basic aspects need to be kept in mind for developing leadership. It is these factors that help the organization make the best use of leadership development. Some of the important prerequisites of leadership development include:

One of the most important factors to keep in mind for an organization that is imparting leadership development is to see its relevance to the organization and the employee chosen for the program. Many leadership development programs –whether they are practical or academic –are suited in a particular milieu and situation. When the situation is removed, the same person could be a fish in a different kettle. The organization has to identify and decide what role the person/s undergoing the leadership development program has to be given the program for.

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