If you want your ex back in your life there are several ways that you can accomplish this. Personally talking to them would be the simplest method but then, it could leave you open to mistakes that would eventually dash your chances. The level of emotions usually displayed in personal confrontations can trigger a person into doing something they will regret later. This is why it is usually recommended that you write a letter to get ex back. Keep in mind though that although this may be a great way to control your feelings, writing a letter to get ex back should not be done soon after the break up. There's a chance that your emotions would be too raw, causing you to write something regrettable even if you do try to edit your work. Your ex might also argue over the points you make due to their own emotional struggles with the break up. Your letter might not even get read and thrown to the garbage.

The best time to send a letter to get ex back is when the two of you are already calm, possible several weeks after the split. By now, you will be more rational about the relationship and stop scoring off each other and pointing fingers. You can now start writing the letter once you are calm had have come to terms with the breakup.

So in your letter to get ex back what exactly should you write? It can be very hard to writer to someone you care about as you have to tell them of your feelings but not going over the top with your emotions.

First off, you need to tell them that you understood the cause of the break up and that you respect their decision. You might also want to tell them that you wish them well or perhaps ask them about how their life is going. Make sure to write in your letter to get ex back all the wrong you've done and acknowledge that you are responsible for them. Even if your ex also did something wrong, don't mention this and stress on the fact that you also contributed to the break up. Now is not the time to score off each other about who did more wrongs. Just acknowledge the mistakes you've done. Don't point out their mistakes. Although this may be true, it would be better if they own up to it themselves. Lastly, in your letter to get ex back, try inviting them out for coffee or some snacks. Let them know that the meeting would only take a short time and it is OK for them to say no.

Letters are a great way to approach your ex as they won't feel pressured about the whole thing. Also, your ex can simply accept the invitation when they feel like doing so.

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