By their nature, clinical trials are at times large complex projects that take years to complete. They involve many different resources, and are covered by extensive federal regulations. Regulations have been enacted with the purpose of documenting the efficacy of the treatment, as well as to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the patient.
Given the complexity and length of a clinical study, as well as its importance; it is necessary for clinicians to properly plan the whole exercise. This plan should ensure that the clinical study judiciously utilizes all of the resources allocated for it, that the trial sticks to schedule at every stage, and that it does not overshoot the budget, while making sure that the safety and efficacy of the patient is not compromised upon.
Has elements in common with project management
In other words, planning for a clinical trial is akin to managing a project. A clinical trial has to be planned like any other project, taking into account all the variables and other inputs, as well as the desired result in mind. Utmost care has to be taken to make sure that regulatory requirements are complied with, and the quality and integrity of the information arising from the trial are trustworthy.
The way of planning project management in clinical trial will be the topic of a webinar that the well-known provider of professional trainings for all the areas of healthcare, MentorHealth, will be organizing. This webinar will be highly useful for professionals in the clinical trial arena, such as clinical staff, monitors, QA, laboratory staffs, CRO staffs, and some patients.
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Linking project management with clinical trials
The speaker at this webinar is Richard Chamberlain, who provides executive consulting services to numerous pharmaceutical, biotechnical, medical device companies, and international Contract Research Organizations in the areas of strategic planning project management for the development of computerized project management tools and Computer Systems Validation.
The core learning at this webinar will be focused on:
o What is Project Management?
o What are Clinical Trials?
o How do I apply the Project Management tools to Manage Clinical Trials?
Richard will cover the following areas during this session:
o Planning for a Project (Study)
o Estimating time and resources
o Lists of Deliverables
o Documenting Dependencies
o Budget Preparation
o Steps in a Clinical Trial
o Phase I to Phase IV, Phase 0 and 5 Clinical Trials
o Managing the Trials

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