Wedding venue plans are one of the most important decisions a couple wanting to get married is likely to male. A venue sets the mood of the wedding, it is the space your guests can mingle, dance, eat, and celebrate your vows. There are some important considerations to think about when deciding on the venue that is perfect for you, you need to think about any special needs among your guests, transport, parking, size, and much more. Weddings Toms River NJ, or anywhere are most successful when the right planning happens.

When it comes to venues size is very important

Size is one of the most important factors when looking at wedding venues, but that does not mean you should just hire the largest option available. You need to have an idea of guest numbers. If you are having a lovely intimate wedding and have 60 people coming to the wedding, then the venue needs to be able to hold 60 to 80. If you got a venue for 150 people with just 60 guests there would be too much space between them and it affects the atmosphere.

Make sure if you are eating at the venue that there is enough room for tables and chairs and people moving in between them. If you have a band or DJ and want guests to be dancing make sure there is room for a dance floor, as well as seating around it so when people need to rest they can. Make sure the space includes all the access the band will need to outlets and such. Visualize what you are hoping for from your wedding venue Toms River or where you want it, and ask questions.

Consider costs and packages

Be prepared for high price tags, venues do not often come cheap especially in peak wedding season. Most of the budget goes on this whether you are working with limited funds or not. Make sure you know what you can afford and stick to that. Do not visit venues that are way out of your budget. That being said remember if there is a perfect venue, look at times when others are less likely to want it. Think about the day of the week, the month, the season and chose a time when they are not high in demand. Prices are more likely to drop.

Also, ask about packages being offered. Often they will set a price per head, so 60 guests will cost you less than 150 guests. Everything comes at a price, from the buffet in the evening to the champagne the toasts are made with, the meal, the wine, the coffee at the end of the evening. When you chose a venue like a hotel, for weddings Toms River NJ, that includes all those extras you might not think about. The linens, the cutlery, the plates, the cake knife, the decorations and so on. If you chose to use a venue where that does not all get included then you have to pay for it all. As well as remember it all!


If you see a place you love, can afford and meets all your needs, book it! Dream venues are booked years in advance. Book as early as you can or at least have them pencil you in and then you can call them back to confirm. With planning, you will have the best wedding venue Toms River or where you are.


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