This article will attempt to briefly deconstruct the nature of panic and anxiety disorder, before providing several ways of coping with it, including a ‘personification’ method, and a form of brain entrainment therapy, which can be experienced through binaural beats download technology.


In the United Kingdom, around one in ten people are affected by panic and anxiety disorders. These consist of feelings of nervousness, worry and unease, and can inhibit the sufferer’s ability to lead a normal, happy life.


When dealing with this problem on a therapeutic level, the difficulty lies in unravelling years of conditioning. It often falls on deaf-ears when people advise you to ‘’relax’’ or ‘’chill-out’’, as the symptoms have become so ingrained within your psyche, that they’ve become almost exaggerated expressions of the primitive ‘’fight-or-flight’’ syndrome.
This neurological circuit, also known as the ‘’bio-survival-circuit’’, is essential to our survival as a species, and while it is not a bad thing in itself, it does start to become problematic when a person operates predominantly at that level of being, without the ability to shed light on the haphazard-irrationality of the anxiety itself.


The first step lies in accepting anxiety as a natural part of who we are, and that it is possible to temper it to the point where it no longer controls, but becomes subservient to us. When you feel the symptoms begin to well up, simply find ways to channel that energy through creative means. Maybe you like to compose music, or create artwork? Personify the problem in the form of a song or painting...


By doing this you are effectively creating a boundary between the identifier and the indentified, whereby you can observe the symptoms objectively, and accept them for what they are.


Remember, the self is mutable, and subject to change according to circumstance. It cannot be said that anxiety defines one’s being; for even though anxiety arises, and has to a certain extent become predominant, the door is always open to a reprogramming of the mind’s ‘software’ so that more fulfilling states of being can be imprinted. In other words, you weren’t born to be anxious and panic ridden.


Brain Entrainment is a method by which you can effectively train your mind to become adjusted to varying levels of consciousness. Using a “frequency following response”, your brain’s electromagnetic wave-patterns align themselves to an audible frequency. If you want to induce sleepiness for example, you could listen to a theta or delta-wave frequency, as this is the frequency range that our brains operate in when we are asleep.

Applying this method to the issue at hand, we must first consider the activity of the brain while it is in a state of anxiety and fear. An EEG (electroencephalograph) would display a wave pattern within the region of 23 Hz – 40 Hz per second; a high Beta wave pattern. The logical solution to quelling this state would be to stimulate the brain with a slower wave-frequency, i.e. an alpha frequency between 7-13Hz.

By engaging in this form of therapy for at least 15 minutes a day, you are forming new neurological connections within your brain, so that the consistently induced state of mind becomes subconsciously ingrained. This is much like learning a new skill, which when practiced with diligence, eventually becomes second nature, i.e. learning to ride a bike, operating a gear stick, learning a language etc.

One of the great benefits of brain entrainment is that it contributes to a re-configuration of perception, whereby you feel impelled to make changes, because you realise that you have complete control of your life.

"The nature of the mind is to make coherence of the world. So if you have a program that says, 'I do not deserve', your brain will not let you generate behavior that contradicts this because it's nature says it has to be coherent." - Bruce Lipton PhD

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