Spinal Stenosis Surgery in India is required to correct the problems related to leg pain which usually results from years of osteoarthritis, a thickening of the body’s ligaments which connect the bones to the spine and a deterioration of the cushioning between disks in the vertebrae – all of which cause the spinal canal to narrow. In such cases, the nerves which travel down to the legs can become pinched near the bottom of the spine that causes pain and patient may face difficulty in walking.
The major symptoms of when Spinal Stenosis Surgery in India is required are numbness, weakness, pain in legs and cramping which affects the patient ability to walk. While a symptom of spinal stenosis starts slowly and tends to worsen over time, the main affected area is the legs and patient feels severe leg pain due to which they are unable to stand or walk for more than few minutes.
Spinal Stenosis does not really cause the back pain, however, the pain that radiates down to lower legs. The narrowing of the spinal canal is usually done to reduce the flow of blood to nerves in the lower back. The pain in the patient’s body disappear altogether when they sit or lie down.
While a pinched nerve due to a protruding disk often resolves on its own, and there is no cure for spinal stenosis. The spine surgeons at Spinal Stenosis Surgery Center in India suggest the patient that only by doing the regular exercise they can maintain the blood flow to the nerves to reduce leg pain and numbness. People can help themselves by keeping their mild symptoms from turning severe by staying active.
The spine surgeons at Spinal Stenosis Surgery Hospital in India usually try to give patient anti-inflammatory painkillers or steroid injections to reduce inflammation in the nerves. Patients who get enough relief from the pain by using these remedies able to increase physical activity and hence, the spine surgeon will not recommend the Spinal Stenosis Surgery in India to these patients. For many people, such treatments will not work for long-term as a permanent solution.
In such cases, the only best option is the Spinal Stenosis Surgery in India which can be helpful for those patients who are unable to walk. With the help of the Spinal Stenosis Surgery in India, these patients are able to restore their mobility. The aim of the spine surgeons at Spinal Stenosis Surgery Clinic in India is to get patients up and walking again, however, the surgery will not take away the back pain which was caused by other factors like arthritis and patient need to understand this.
The Spinal Stenosis Surgery Cost in Delhi is very reasonable and cost-effective and this surgery helps many patients to restore their ability in walking.
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