For any entrepreneur, developing and launching their first website can be a daunting task. It is important for you to know, how much does an eCommerce website cost for sale. After knowing all the possibilities related to the job, you should only be taking up the decisions.

When it comes to website development it is divided into two types – interactive and informative. Interactive website comes with content which is dynamic and has best interaction capabilities. Some of the examples of interactive website are video-streaming services, picture galleries, news websites, online shopping sites, etc. Informative website comes with static information and has limited capabilities in terms of interaction. Some of the examples of interactive websites are blogs, business websites, personal websites, forums, etc.

In the market you can easily find website builders which can be used to develop your website for free of cost. These are platforms and CMSs namely Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. Such kind of free solutions does not come with any kind of out-of-the-box functionality and if you wish to have some in your website you will have to make use of add-ons and additional plugins which can simply make things hard for management and customization. If you want to ensure the website comply with your individual business needs completely, you will have to go for strict custom module development. You should also consider about the emerging number of security flaws and loopholes that comes up within them along with the fact that simple and sober templates are limited in the market.

So when you are making use of the website building platforms for your business, you need to find ways to save money. Some of them are mentioned below:

- Build free websites quickly by making use of templates

You get a variety of options to host your website using platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and others. You can manage the functionality of the website the way you want it to be. This way you will have websites developed faster without much effort and you will be saved from the whole effort of developing it from the scratch. Again, cheap app developers from India help you get the service at cheaper rates.

- Informative websites are cheaper and sometimes free too

In case you are planning to develop an informative site, you are lucky. Compared to the interactive one, it is very cheap to be developed. If design does not concern you then you can have a website developed using WordPress within few hours. On the other hand, you can hire a designer to get the job done in a few weeks. Here you don’t need to hire a developer for the job. Just hire a designer and he will do the rest for you.

- Get things done

Find your target audience, reach out to them, offer products or services, reply to them, answer the questions they have in mind and offer proper support. It is not possible for you to gain the loyalty of your customers and enjoy their respect just by going for ad campaigns. You need to offer unmatched and dedicated support.

- Use blogs to build customer following

If you think that spending a lot of money on SEO or expensive ad campaigns can get you more customers then you are wrong. You can easily build your fan following with the help of blogs. It is all about impressing your customers and connecting with them. Replying to their queries one at a time and ensuring they enjoy your mode of connection.

Choose online platform to market your products or services

One of the best ways to reach your potential customers and talk to them is through social media. You can easily reach them at the most convenient time available to them and talk about your products or services in detail. Don’t waste time and money for radio commercials, printing ads and other marketing techniques you followed during the time of offline shopping. Make it a point to advertise online when you are actually selling them online.
Such kind of free websites can help your startup achieving a few goals like:

● It will help you generate some revenue while helping you grow your customer audience.

● It is will help you understand the requirements that you need to build a website that is custom made.
Once you have the functionality and features that you need in your website, it will be possible for you to develop custom eCommerce website based on your custom needs from scratch. This will help come up with a unique design; better user experience and best functionality which can help you attract customers.

When it comes to developing a website, there are a number of bad practices which has to be avoided at any cost. Just make sure that you have to not fall for such

practices whatever be the situation is. Some of such situations which you need to avoid at any cost are:

●Don’t mix business and family:

It is recommended that you don’t ask your family member or a relative to build a website for you unless he or she is a partner in your business or works for you.

It is needed for you to spend a lot of money when you have to develop a website on services like hosting services, support and maintenance, backups, updating of modules and much more. So if they are not having professional ties with you and are not working with you on full-time basis then it can ruin the professional and family ties if things don’t go the way as expected. best ecommerce website developers in India

● Don’t employ interns to save on the development costs:

It is a known fact that software development of any form – website or web app can turn out to be an expensive affair. Just to save some bucks, many of the startups are inclined towards employing interns for the job.

This can seem to be a win-win situation for both parties as the intern will get a chance to add projects to the portfolio while for the startup it seems to be an amazing opportunity to save large amount of money in the form of salaries.

The main issue with this kind of arrangement is that if anything goes wrong with the project, then the only way to amend things is by finding a new and experienced developer or a development company for the job to get done. All these things will have to be done while your website is down. This is nowhere to saving money! The other way to get the job done for a lesser price is by outsourcing a software development company to get the job done.

Today more businesses are inclined towards choosing an outsource partner for the job as you can easily find best ecommerce website developers in India skilled and fully equipped to help you out from outside. Such kind of service providers offer all kind of services to the startups which includes development of the product, maintenance, QA, updates, marketing promotion and scaling. When you go for a development company, large issues get found and checked while if the developed product is cheap it will never be good in quality.

● Don’t pile up the stock in advance: Being in the eCommerce business, you always works as a middle layer between the shoppers and manufacturers. So there is no need for you to have all the stocks kept ready at your warehouse to sell. Based on what the shoppers want, you can prepare your shopping cart. You can pay the manufacturers as your customers pay you for the product. In order to avoid paying to the warehouses, keep your stocks low or as needed.

Development is not the end

If you thing that you will not have to spend money after launching the app then you are wrong. Actually at this point expenses increases. If you take a look at the big names like Facebook or Amazon, you will realize that they spend millions every year on their website and mobile applications in order to make changes and innovate. The constant use of internet and its penetration into human lives is forcing the companies to make constant update on their website and mobile applications. With changes in software and hardware, making changes become inevitable.

More development is needed for business growth

During the initial days of the launch of your eCommerce website you will not experience much people or sales. This means you will be able to handle everything easily and smoothly. You can even carry out the activities by sending an email to one or two. Things change with time and then all of a sudden you will have hundreds or thousands of orders to handle. At this point you will need custom eCommerce website solution to take care of things. Building custom solution is all about building unique solution and it can cost the business more in terms of research, development effort, testing, maintenance, etc.

Customer service is expensive

If you look around you will find that the best online sites which are much popular in the market have amazing customer service too. It has been proven without doubt that the business get to grow faster at great rate when it opts for better customer service compared to adword marketing or sleek design. Customer service is all about reaching to the users and establishing a sound communication and so you will need to hire enough staff for the job. They will be responsible for maintaining the image of the brand by responding to the clients, talking to them on Facebook and Twitter and even sending to them through personalized notes.

Success is expensive

Any business- whether small or big will have to bear the expenses to run its resources so as to become successful. If we just take the case of Facebook, it spends around 1 million dollars every month on electricity expenses. Here yours may not be something huge as Facebook still, you need to consider about the costs which are connected to hosting, people, power and equipment costs. They all work towards building a successful business.

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