ne of the most popular and enduring themes for fancy dress costume parties is that of the 'International' or 'Around the World' theme, and it is quite easy to see why. After all, not only do you have over 260 international countries to choose from, but there is also such a huge diversity in the kind of clothes worn around the world.

This diversity is borne of many different factors. One of the key factors is the prevailing climate in any particular country. Clealry the kind of traditional clothes and costumes worn in a very cold place like Iceland will differ massively from somewhere tropical like Malaysia.

In our experience, there are of course a few really popular international options that really stand out for us. One of those is the traditional french 'onion seller' costume. This is of course a very stereotypical view, and not at all representative of the kind of clothing worn in modern France, but nonetheless it has a lasting appeal with fancy dress goers. Typically this costume consists of a beret, a stripey blue and white top, and a string of fake onions.oktoberfest dress An extra flourish can be added with the judicious addition of a fake moustache!

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