In the world of technology everyone is looking to have some passive income source and on that ideas of making money online is in top search in any search engine. This is the most massive search term in any search engine on internet.

So, in this article going to share lot many ideas and crazy stuff that would help to make money online with zero investment in 2019.
Also, ideas to make money online while traveling is the second largest sharing and looking factors on internet.

# Lying around the house, forgotten and unused stuff:

I'm if items lying around the house, forgotten and unused are not an investment. Old mobile devices, still-functional electronics, and fashion items you're tired of. Collect them from drawers and closets, then refer to eBay, Etsy, and other auction/ selling sites to review their marketability. You'll be surprised how much money you can raise quite quickly. Let Google guide you in finding the best online sites for different product categories and how to sign up. Once you get the hang of it, spread the word among friends, encouraging them to give you same.

# Small paid surveys

Complete small surveys providing your feedback and opinions which can earn from $1 up to $20 per one survey. Join a PTC websites to click and read the apps. It takes just up to 30 seconds to view one ad and be paid for it.

# Become a captcha solver

You can become a captcha solver who reads captcha images and types the related symbols. It only takes two hours a day and lets you put few dollars eg.. $2 for every thousand captchas in your pocket.

# Affiliate Marketing

In my online business, the way we started making money, without an initial investment, was with affiliate marketing. We didn't have a product of our own yet, we were still new to the health and wellness space, but we needed money as fast as possible.

Note:Want to learn affiliate marketing in details, check this link to learn more about it. what is blog and how to make money from Blogging

We found a product that we thought would be perfect for our audience, partnered with the company as affiliates, and offered it to our audience. We earned a $5 commission with that product. That doesn't seem like much, but to us, it was everything.
It was financial proof we were onto something!
As we earned more from that product, we got enough confidence to spend the time to create an even better product. Using the lessons, we learned from those affiliate promotions,
we launched a digital product that our audience loved. We began heavily promoting on Pinterest and got lucky enough to have one of our pins go viral.
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