How do you Envision your Life?

Do you see yourself:

• Being your own boss?

• Being the CEO of a company?

• Having your own Law Firm?

• Living in Europe?

• Having a vacation house in the Caribbean?

• Working from home?

• Being a Judge?

• Being able to work from any place in the world?

Why do people give up power over their own life?

You’d be amazed at how many people don’t really know what they truly want out of life. These persons can live their whole life not having a clue as to what it is that truly fulfills them and how they could live at their optimal potential. Instead, they choose to live their life according to where the wind takes them. They don’t exert any control over their life, actions, decisions, or lack thereof and instead allow circumstance and even other people dictate the quality of life they will lead.

They do this because truly getting to know what you want out of life takes effort.

It takes hard work to get to know yourself, your values, and what truly is fulfilling to you. This is too much work for a lot of people. Yet, these are the same people that live their life as robots stuck in a routine, wake up each morning to do the same thing over again, are bored and unfulfilled with their lives, and wander why “Sue” or “Joe” are so successful and seem to have it all.

Tips for Creating a Vision for your Life

1. Dream big. It’s your life and your vision. Design it as good as you want it to be. Don’t ever doubt that you can obtain what you most desire in your life.

2. Visualize the future. When you can actually see yourself living your life the way you want to be living it, you will be much more prone to making decisions, thinking thoughts, and taking actions that will lead you to that life. Everything starts with a little imagination.

3. Be thankful. Your life is a story and you design the way that you want your life to read. Be thankful for having this amount of knowledge and awareness over the power that you have inside of you to create what you want for yourself. As you become grateful, begin to live your life as if you already achieved your vision. This will take you that much closer to your optimal life as you have designed it in your vision. You’ll be more open to the opportunities that present themselves and more aware of the self-limiting obstacles you may be placing in your path.

4. Write down your vision. After you finish the exercises in this ebook, you will have the information you need to create a vision for the life you want to lead. Write it down as concisely and clearly as possible. Amend it as many times as needed. It will be your guide and constant reminder of the changes you want to experience, accomplish, and design… and what you are completely capable of doing.

5. Take steps every day and track your progress. By taking even small steps each day you not only get closer to your goals but also strengthen your motivation to create change in your life. Tracking the progress you make will also serve as a motivator for you when obstacles arise. It will give you the boost you need to keep moving forward in the direction of what you wish to achieve and experience in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Sonia Gallagher is an Executive Life Coach at Time for Life, LLC. She works with Lawyers, Business Owners, and Executives who are ready to be challenged and to reach new levels of Success through Balance. Together, they design systems to: 1. Improve time-management and business development, 2. Create work life balance in alignment with their desired lifestyle, and 3. Overcome limiting thoughts and behavior in the way of their personal and professional goals.

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